Jeremy Renner subtly rebuked Brie Larson during an “Avengers: Endgame” interview and it was awkward

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Jeremy renner subtly rebukes brie larson

Credit: NDTV

Since before the release of “Captain Marvel” there have been many unconfirmed rumors circulating online that some of the “Avengers” stars haven’t been happy with Brie Larson’s off-screen actions and in a new press interview for “Avengers: Endgame” featuring the Carol Danvers star and Jeremy Renner, a hair-raising situation occurred which seems to possibly support these claims.

According to Daily Wire, many fans pointed out what is being referred to as a “subtle rebuke” by Jeremy Renner pretty shortly after a video interview of the two stars went live online. Many believe the rebuke by Renner against Larson was inspired by what is rumored to be the newcomer Avenger’s quick rise to social activism using her Captain Marvel platform after only completing a few films in the major MCU franchise.

Specifically, the “subtle rebuke” took place after NDTV’s Rohit Khilnani asked the pair what responsibilities come with being a star for Marvel Studios films? Larson replied, “I am committed to self-improvement and I work at being the best person I can be and using this platform for as much good as I can…It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes, but I’m very comfortable with that and allowing myself to learn from those mistakes.”

During this response by Larson, some fans reported seeing a change in Renner’s body language. Specifically, he became noticeably unenthusiastic about the interview as if he might’ve been in disagreement with Larson’s response.

Jeremy renner subtly rebukes brie larson
Credit: NDTV

This was then followed with Renner’s response to the same question, which seems to subtly contradict a few points from Larson’s response made only seconds before his. “I’m pretty accountable and responsible in my own life at any rate,” he said. “Celebrity isn’t something that I use as any sort of platform to be more responsible or accountable, I suppose. It’s certainly an absolute blessing to see the joy on kids’ faces — I don’t think there is a feeling that comes close to that.”

Now, of course, this response by Renner could have been a complete coincidence and not in malicious intent against Larson at all. Renner could have just been in a more irritable state after completing an endless amount of interviews for the promotion of the film. However, it is interesting that Renner would have such a quick response that is so opposite from his castmate, who at the time, was sitting right next to him.

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What are your thoughts of this “subtle rebuke” of Renner in response to Larson? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Daily Wire 


  1. Ashley

    I didn’t pick up on any of that when watching the clip. Quit trying to make up fake drama.

  2. Arglebah

    Why do you keep writing reposting sexist hit pieces against Captain Marvel? Are you an incel or something?

    1. kidris90

      Not finding Captain Marvel (or Brie) to be the greatest thing ever doesn’t make one an incel.

  3. Karin Allen

    Renner’s the very last person to “subtly rebuke” anyone who’s trying to be their best self being open to making mistakes, and trying to use their “platform for good.” There’s a certain platform Renner himself has, which he could use for a *lot* of good, if he’d only be open about it. Be your own best self, Renner, you f***ing hypocrite.

    1. Reiner isn’t constantly raging about how much he hates white guys- unlike Brie. He’s not the problem. He knows actors lecturing people is very tedious.

      1. Matt Clark

        Yeah no kidding, and the problem with some of these actresses and women like Brie is that they tend to lump all the dudes into one, like they don’t even stop to consider that not all men are the same. Showin’ some real intelligence on their part..NOT!

    2. Damn autocorrect. I meant Renner.

  4. Alison

    Don’t see any rebuke myself – just interview fatigue from being asked the same sort of questions over and over again. Trying to make a mountain out of grains of sand folks.

  5. Matt

    I hate Brie Larson anyway and the fact that she thinks she is so special after only doin’ two films in the Marvel universe. She ain’t even on par with the other stars.

  6. A Jeff

    Maybe he doesn’t like her, maybe he was tired of answering the same questions over and over again. For all we know, he could have received bad news pertaining to his personal life just before the interview began.

  7. Matt Clark

    Yeah, I mean I hate Brie Larson and Captain Marvel, but that doesn’t make me sexist just means I ain’t a fan of either. Plenty of women in me life that I admire and respect, chief of which bein’ me mum. I just don’t always care much for some of these actresses like Brie and what they stand for.

  8. Jayden

    I’ve slept with 2 women I met at a bar last week and I don’t like Captain Marvel. Its not just Incels who can have a different opinion to yours.

  9. spiritequality

    I don’t see a rebuke at all. Renner just says he would be a stand up guy regardless of whether he was a celebrity or not. Their answers are not in conflict at all. Renner is a straight shooter, if he wanted to rebuke someone, it wouldn’t be subtle.

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