Internet sits back and chuckles at couple separated at Epcot

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Couple plays "where's waldo" with internet after being separated at Epcot

Credit: Brittany Blake

One couple’s magical day at Epcot turned into a game of “hide-and-seek” for the internet after a young woman lost her boyfriend in the major theme park. She attempted to fix the problem through Facebook, but it instead led to the hilarious events of the situation playing out over the internet for all of the Walt Disney World Annual Passholder’s fan page to see.

According to Fox News, Brittany Blake and her boyfriend Regory Turco had been visiting Epcot on Friday expecting to spend some time together exploring the theme park. However, in a turn of events, Blake ended up spending a good portion of the day searching for Turco.

The separation that rocked the internet first occurred when the two were split up after moving through a massive group of spring breakers. One might say modern technology could be the answer to such circumstances. However, Turco’s phone was dead at the time and he had no other means for communication with Blake or anyone else in their group.

After the separation, Blake spent some time looking independently for her boyfriend only to have little luck due to the fact that the theme park was packed with guests. But after some quick thought and curiosity, Blake turned to Facebook’s group for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

Credit: NBC2

In the post, Blake explains the situation and asks if anyone sees him to tell him to meet her and the rest of her group at the Mexico Pavilion.

According to FOX4, the unusual post reached up to 1,300 comments in only two hours after going live. And as you might have guessed, a post so peculiar was bound to have some interesting reactions and comments on the social media platform.

“That shirt is very distinctive. Someone should be able to spot him,” Nikki Goodfellow posted with laughing faces following her comment, FOX4 reported.

As comments and reactions on Blake’s post continued, members within the group created hashtags for the search: #FINDREGORY #FINDBRITTANYBF

As comments continued on the post, as one might imagine, hilarity continued to follow. One specific comment, which later was found to reveal the exact location of Turco, really had a lot of members giggling over the lost boy.

“Ok so place your bets here.. is he… Napping on spaceship earth?, Lost in Nemo?, Drunk in Mexico?, With another woman?, With another man?, Counting pastries at Joeffrey’s?, Collecting magnets in the parking lot?, Stuck inside the globe on the lagoon?, On the monorail to MK?, In line for Frozen?, Leading a group of international tourists with a tall flag?, Planning a surprise proposal in mouse gear?”

Credit: NBC2

However, even though members of the group got a kick out of it, they did look out for Turco as he wandered lost throughout the park, which continued on for hours with no luck.

As park close approached, with only fifteen minutes left in the day, guests and Blake continued the search. Some even reached out to the original post on Facebook to express their concern.

“Well? Did Brittany find him?” Rob Lara asked.

“Following – need to know how it ends! Where does she find him? Does someone else find him first? Tune in for the case of ‘The Lost Boyfriend, Epcot Edition,’ ” Barbara Rush commented.

As only minutes remained in the day, Turco was finally spotted. Where you might ask? The answer has to be one of the funniest parts of the story: the “Frozen” attraction.


Blake took to Facebook to share the good news. “Update on my boyfriend: Found on the frozen ride. He was drinking all day while looking for me. BTW: thanks for everyone’s nice comments!!” Blake wrote.

As much fun as it was for guests to take part in this modern day version of “Where’s Waldo: Epcot Edition,” commenters also shared some advice for the couple to keep the two from being caught up in similar situations moving forward. “Head to customer service/to the front of the park. I’m certain he’s there trying to find you as well LOL” Jennifer Cardona said, adding, “We have a home base we go to if we manage to get separated or phones are dead or other variables.”

One piece of advice not listed on the Facebook post would be to always have a charged phone when planning a day at the theme parks. A pocket-sized power bank is also a good back up option as well.

Have you ever been separated from your friends or family while in the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments below!


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    Enough money for booze, but not enough to buy one of those fuel rods in the park?She should dump him for stupidity.

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    My family used to be Annual Passholders. We were so lucky to be on vacation when they held a preview day for Animal Kingdom. There were only like 200 people in the park and it was amazing. Back then it was relatively safe for the adults to let the pre-teens and teens wander the parks unchaperoned with a specific time and meet up location for later. This also predates kids having cell phones.

    What never occurred to any of us was that “meet in front of the big tree by the park bench” would look exactly the same from every location around the circumference of the Tree of Life. I spent the better part of five hours staying put, waiting and wondering where the heck my family was. Turns out they were on the other side of the tree doing the same thing.

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    This did happen to me, and at Epcot, no less! I went off on my own to explore the pavilions while my family went on Soarin. Suddenly, it started POURING and my family had my poncho! I had to find shelter in a gift shop in the China pavilion and none of our phones were working! Finally when the phones started working, they called me and eventually found me in China. I always refer to this story as “the time I got stuck in China.”

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    Meliza Garcia

    This happened to my daughter and her new husband on their honeymoon. After she got out of the restroom she couldn’t find him after an hour and a half of looking and asking several people if she could use their cell phone all but one gentleman said yes and his phone was an Asian phone so it would not call US numbers. She even went to guest services and they told her their phones only call in park. So she finally takes the resort bus back to Kidani and if you ever stayed at Animal Kingdom Kidani always gets dropped off first before Jambo the driver says do we have anyone that needs to go to Kidani she’s the only one he jokingly says “there always has to be one” which brought her to tears because she had already been through so much when they pull up to the bus stop she sees her new husband there laughing and conversating with an older couple which after what she went through upset her she walked right past him and started walking to the room which was at the opposite end of the resort after finally getting to the room realizes she doesn’t even have a key to get in so she has to wait for him to catch up. It’s all funny now but after 7 years of marriage and many Disney trips in between they finally gave us a grandson which they named Elias after Walt Disney.

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      cute story

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    That was really great for us.

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