Guy Diamond, the Glitter Farting Fan Favorite From “Trolls,” Makes a Sparkly Debut at Universal Studios Florida

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Trolls at Universal Studios

Sparkly, naked, and full of . . . glitter, Guy Diamond, the auto-tune voiced life of the party in DreamWorks “Trolls,” made his debut at Universal Studios Florida. Complete with a sparkly surprise, this farting figure is appearing currently (on the weekends) at the central Florida theme park.

Appearing with Poppy and Branch, Guy Diamond amused guests near the Sponge Bob Square Pants Store at the Woody Woodpecker Kids Zone. After a short dance number, the shiny, silver-haired creature did an about-face and, just like in the animated film, farted glitter to the glee of nearby guests.

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(video courtesy of Jenny Ornstein, used with permission)

For those unfamiliar with Guy Diamond, DreamWorks describes him as “popular but not pompous.” Glitter glides off Guy when he dances and has a more explosive eruption when he breaks wind. Essentially Guy Diamond is a walking disco ball.

“GUY DIAMOND is our resident “naked glitter Troll,” with heaps of body confidence and a unique idea of personal space. He is a party on two feet.” -DreamWorks

Guy Diamond

In the 2016 animated DreamWorks feature “Trolls,” Guy Diamond is voiced by “Big Bang Theory” (Raj Koothrappali) actor Kunal Nayyar; though fans wouldn’t recognize this as Diamond speaks in auto-tune.

Guy Diamond

Guy Diamond

In addition to the “Trolls” movie, Guy Diamond and his hug friendly pals also enjoyed fame in the “Trolls Holiday” television special, an animated series from Netflix “Trolls: The Beat Goes On!” and will be returning to the big screen next year for “Trolls World Tour”

Close up of a doll wearing a necklace

As of the time this story was composed, appearances by Poppy, Branch, and Guy do not appear on the Universal Studios website. According to Joey Rivera, who graciously allowed Inside the Magic to use his photos of this entertaining moment, appearances are limited to weekends.

Guy Diamond

A person in a costume

Two people dressed in costumes

Guy Diamond, Poppy, and Branch danced for fans in the Woody Woodpecker Kids zone at Universal Studios Florida. The theme park is one of three theme parks (along with Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay) at Universal Studios Resort, in Orlando Florida.

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Three people in costumes holding hands

Have you spotted this trio of Trolls at Universal Studios Florida? Please share your photos and thoughts (and maybe a hug) in the comments.

Source, video, and images: Jenny Ornstein (video), Tom Cook (photos) via Joey Rivera’s Facebook and Instagram pages, DreamWorks’ “Trolls” website, iMDB, and YouTube

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