“Frozen” musical to premiere in Sydney, AU in 2020

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"Frozen" the Broadway musical, North American tour

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It looks like Anna and Elsa will be traveling far from the Kingdom of Arendelle next year. “Frozen” the Broadway musical will premiere in Sydney, Australia in 2020, and we’re sure it will be just as big of a hit as it is in the States.

Just like the 2013 film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Frozen” the musical follows Anna and Elsa’s relationship as they navigate the effects of Elsa’s ice powers on their kingdom and all the mishaps that come their way. The film was a huge blockbuster for Disney when it premiered in theaters over five years ago, and the Broadway musical has been dazzling fans since it hit the stage in 2017.

“Frozen” the musical has consistently grossed approximately $2 million a week since it premiered onstage in March of last year, and it was nominated for Best Musical at the 2018 Tony Awards. It’s no wonder Australia wants a little slice of Arendelle and some Snow Queen magic.

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With all new songs and unforgettable performances, we’re sure “Frozen” will leave Australian musical and Disney fans wanting more after the musical hosts its Australia premiere at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre in July 2020. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the news earlier this week, sharing that “Frozen” is “one of the most highly acclaimed and sought after musicals currently in production.”

“It is a global cultural sensation, and we are thrilled to have secured the musical adaptation for Sydney,” Berejiklian said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

While “Frozen” the musical won’t be heading to Sydney until 2020, Australian Disney fans don’t have to wait too much longer to get their Arendelle fix. “Frozen 2,” the sequel to the original animated film, will hit theaters in November 2019. You can read everything we know so far about “Frozen 2” here. 

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And if you don’t want to wait that long to see “Frozen” on Broadway (or if you’re in the States and you want to make sure you see the show before it leaves), you’re in luck. Adventures by Disney currently offers an awesome vacation opportunity to travel to New York City and see “Frozen” on Broadway. Of course you can book tickets to see “Frozen” on your own, but there’s nothing quite like an Adventures by Disney vacation. You can also add “Frozen” to your Disney Cruise Line itinerary, if you’re sailing to New York. This trip is perfect for the ultimate “Frozen” fan (or those who have always wanted to see the city that never sleeps!). Click here to read more details. 

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Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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