Take a look at the cutest animals born at Walt Disney World this year

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to a variety of animal species that guests can encounter every time they visit. And every year, new animals are born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge, adding some more cuteness to Walt Disney World Resort. In honor of the newest baby animal, a giraffe, making her debut at Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently, we decided to share a roundup of some of the cutest animals born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this year. We love seeing all of the adorable animals every time we visit Walt Disney World. Take a look!


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Two new giraffe calves were born this year, and both are equally adorable! The first of the siblings, Aella, was born in August, with her sister, Amira, following in her hoofsteps a few months later and making her debut in December. Now, you can find both giraffe calves trotting around the savannas of Kilimanjaro Safaris or spot them while participating in the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Their species of giraffe, called Masai, is known as a vulnerable species but could change to the endangered status soon, as their population continues to decline in the wild.


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Have you ever seen such a cute animal at Walt Disney World? Baby hippos aren’t common at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, making this little one’s birth that much more special. This is the first hippo to be born in over a decade at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in January, and the Disney’s Animal Kingdom cast members and park guests were equally thrilled about it. You can find the latest member of the hippo family when you visit Kilimanjaro Safaris or the Wild Africa Trek in Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


baby mandrill
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This adorable mandrill was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom back in August, and park guests couldn’t wait to see the new baby monkey. Mandrills are the largest species of monkey in the world and, though found in African rainforests, are the victims of poaching and deforestation. Just as they do with other animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Care Experts work with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to create Species Survival Plans in order to maintain mandrill species population. You’ll find this mandrill at Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


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The okapi family at Disney’s Animal Kingdom gained a new member when this calf was born last October. The only known relative to the giraffe, okapis are endangered species native to the rainforests of Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo. Disney has been at the forefront of okapi conservation for years, and this okapi will continue to live a wonderful life with his parents at the savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.¬†Just as with all the aforementioned species, Disney continues to commit to wildlife conservation and breed the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom under specific Species Survival Plans. Way to go!

Be sure to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge to see all of the adorable animals that were born in 2018!

Which of these baby animals do you think is the cutest? Let us know your favorite!

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