Video: Explore The “That’s From Disneyland!” Exhibit And Auction With “Inside Disneyland Resort”

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That's From Disneyland

For several years now, the Van Eaton Galleries in Sherman Oaks, California have been playing home to impressive Disneyland and Disney Parks-themed auctions and exhibits, where fans can see thousands of artifacts from theme park history on display, and (if they happen to have the extra cash available) even pick up a piece or two for themselves.

This month at a special pop-up exhibit called “That’s From Disneyland!”— hosted in a much larger storefront nearby to the main auction house– has attracted a tremendous amount of attention from media and Disney collectors alike, thanks to its attractive layout design and plenty of online buzz. Today I payed a visit to “That’s From Disneyland!” and found a shockingly large crowd waiting to go inside. At that point I decided to make the exploration of this exhibit the subject for this week’s episode of our regular ongoing semi-weekly video series “INSIDE Disneyland Resort,” the first one not actually shot within the parks themselves.


Van Eaton Galleries’ “That’s From Disneyland!” exhibit and auction features artwork, merchandise, props, animatronics, and even ride vehicles from the Disney theme parks. It runs from Wednesdays through Sundays from now through Friday, August 24. For more information and a look at the auction’s catalog, be sure to visit the gallery’s official website.


That's From Disneyland That's From Disneyland

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