“Collecting Disneyland” exhibit and auction gives opportunity to take home pieces of theme park history

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Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Disneyland history?

Well, the “Collecting Disneyland” exhibit auction, running at the Van Eaton Galleries from now until November 21st, may offer you that very opportunity. The second such auction at Van Eaton this year (after this past winter’s “The Story of Disneyland,”) Collecting Disneyland curates a wide array of memorabilia from Walt Disney’s original theme park, along with a handful of items from its sister parks in Orlando.




The exhibit includes everything from original props, to concept artwork, merchandise, collectibles, posters, animatronics, miniatures, and even Disneyland ride vehicles themselves.

Upon entering the gallery, the first thing that is likely to grab your eye is the scale model of the Jungle Cruise queue building and remote-controlled steamer boat that once served as part of the “Safari Adventure” attraction at Disneyland Hotel:

DSC05441 DSC05443 DSC05445 DSC05444

The remainder of the main gallery building is set up like a museum display packed to the brim with every kind of Disneyana you can imagine, many of them one-of-a-kind:

DSC05448 DSC05585 DSC05568 DSC05564 DSC05553 DSC05534 DSC05533 DSC05532 DSC05518 DSC05511 DSC05509 DSC05505 DSC05503 DSC05491 DSC05487 DSC05481 DSC05479 DSC05476 DSC05473 DSC05469 DSC05461 DSC05598 DSC05588

But by far the most popular part of the exhibit was located in the storefront next door to the main gallery: a collection of three ride vehicles from some of Disneyland’s most famous rides, past and present: Space Mountain, the Skyway,

DSC05617 DSC05618 DSC05659 DSC05615 DSC05622 DSC05623 DSC05629 DSC05631

, which had all previously been on display at the D23 Expo and the Los Angeles County Fair:

DSC05663 DSC05666 DSC05665

While the starting bid on many of the items available might be well out of the average Disney fan‘s price range, there are some more affordable options as well, and visiting the gallery itself is free. Its hours are 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday until the auction itself happens on November 21st. And if you are interested in the possibility of bidding on any of the items, you can visit VEgalleries.com for more info and to check out the catalog.

And be sure to visit our Flickr album for many more photos from the gallery:


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