Funko POP! merchandise to commemorate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary

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Mickey's 90th Anniversary Funko POP!

As Disney has made us abundantly aware, this fall marks the 90th anniversary of the very first Mickey Mouse animated short film ever released: “Steamboat Willie.” And that means everyone is gearing up to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday, even the popular toy company Funko.

Funko has released an assortment of merchandise featuring the most famous mouse in the world to commemorate this momentous occasion. Up first is a “Steamboat Willie” Pop! Vinyl figure featuring Mickey Mouse depicted in fabulous black and white:

Steamboat Willie Funko POP!

Then we’ve got a collection of Pop! Pens starring Mickey in a variety of costumes and poses:

Mickey POP! Pens


Then there is an assortment of Mini Vinyl Figures starring Mickey from famous films such as the already-mentioned “Steamboat Willie,” “The Band Concert,” and “The Brave Little Tailor,” plus “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from “Fantasia,” Prince Mickey from “The Prince and the Pauper,” Mickey from “The Three Musketeers,” train conductor and orchestra conductor Mickeys, an adventurer Mickey with a pith helmet, and of course the classic Mickey Mouse look:

Mickey's 90th Mini Vinyl Figures Mickey's 90th Mini Vinyl Figures

More Pop! Vinyl figures will include “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Mickey, “The Fire Fighters” Mickey, Conductor Mickey, and “The Brave Little Tailor” Mickey once again:

Mickey's 90th Funko POP! Apprentice Mickey Mickey 90th Funko POP! Firefighter Mickey Mickey's 90th Funko POP! Conductor Mickey Mickey's 90th Funko POP! Brave Little Tailor

Finally, a simple black and white Mickey super-sized ten-inch Pop! Vinyl will be available:

Mickey's 90th Funko POP! Super-size Mickey

The entire Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary collection is available in November from Funko!

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