PHOTOS: Super Mario Kart and Disney Character Hot Wheels toys revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

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With all the cool new toys and surprises that sped by during San Diego Comic-Con 2018 last week, this pair of products from Hot Wheels caught our eye. Themed toys tied to amusement park paradises will be arriving in stores soon.

The ultimate team-up of race track toys and beloved video games join forces as Mattel and Nintendo revealed brand new Mario Kart cars. Also, announced earlier this year, new Disney-themed Hot Wheel Cars were on display at SDCC.

Nintendo’s Race Ready Roadsters

First up, Nintendo superstars Mario and Luigi receive their very own Hot Wheels Mario Kart incarnation.  The pair of plumber turned heroes will be joined by Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser and Princess Rosalina. In addition to these eight exciting racers, Mario Kart-themed track pieces are perfect for recreating rivalry from the popular Nintendo video game. Each Kart-themed car is expected to cost $5 when released in the summer of 2019.

Disney Character Car Collection

Mattel/Hot Wheels also featured their new line of Disney character cars (which were announced earlier this year). From their booth at SDCC, designer Brian Benedict revealed six new character-inspired cars to represent familiar faces from Disney and Pixar (see the SDCC Facebook live video here):

  • Iconic ear topped Mickey Mouse vehicle
  • Jack Skellington (with pumpkin parachute)
  • Sleek, dark purple Maleficent racer
  • Laugh cannister powered Mike Wazowski hot rod
  • Frosty blue Elsa coupe
  • Winnie the Pooh as a cement truck with honeypot spinning (and spewing) barrel.

All six specially crafted cars should be on store shelves later this year.

San Diego Comic-Con, once again, becomes the backdrop for exciting announcements and reveals.  Mattel’s magical merchandise managed a pair of theme park playtime possibilities. Arriving summer 2019, tangible toys imitate digital competition with Nintendo’s Mario Kart stars emerging as “real world” Hot Wheels racers and tracks. Six special speedsters will represent popular Pixar and Disney Characters later this year. Both sets of vivid vehicles continue Hot Wheels 50-year history of miniature automobile adventure.

Source and images: Hot Wheels Facebook and Instagram page, Mashable, Hollywood Reporter

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