5 hilarious and bizarre Pokemon Go locations at Islands of Adventure

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After nearly two years, Pokemon Go is still going strong. With what seems like a new feature or update every month, the game keeps players on their toes and remains fresh.

If you’re one of the many that play Pokemon Go in the Orlando theme parks you may have noticed some… interesting pokestops and gyms. In the past, we showed you some of these interesting locations at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios Florida.

Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure may have the strangest locations yet. The various themed lands provide for some unique landmarks with even more unique descriptions. For example…

Customer Service Dome

As soon as you enter Islands of Adventure, you find some great stops and gyms. The good ol’ Customer Service Dome sounds like the lamest sports arena ever.

Stowaway Storage Cannon

Of all the things to base a stop on, you picked the cannon? Did anyone even know there was a cannon there? Why is there a cannon there? I think we need some more back story on Islands of Adventure’s Port of Entry.

Good Kitty

Well now you’re not even trying. This doesn’t seem accurate at all! Look at that thing’s face! Calling this thing a “Good Kitty” is like calling The Incredible Hulk Coaster a tame, child-friendly experience.

Seussian Bent Lamp

Seuss Landing provides some of the most unique sights of any theme park so there are a lot of options for Pokemon Go locations. The use of the word “Seussian” here makes this one of my personal favorites. Of course, nothing quite compares to this next one though…

Seuss Cat Thing

I… I don’t think I need to say anything about this one. Do I? I’m not going to. Just enjoy it. This is the best Pokemon Go location anywhere.

The Orlando theme parks are filled with these bizarre Pokemon Go locations. Be sure to check back for more interesting stops throughout Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort.

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