7 hilarious and bizarre Pokemon Go locations at Magic Kingdom

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Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go still has a large amount of users and theme parks are some of the best places to play. Walt Disney World in particular is loaded with PokeStops, gyms, and all the Pokemon you can catch. No matter where you are on Disney property, you’re bound to see at least one person playing.

Some of those stops and gyms can be a bit… strange though. For those of you who don’t know how it works, Pokemon Go uses real world locations and landmarks as points in the game where you can go to battle other Pokemon or collect items. They typically give a picture of the location, a name and a short description.

Some of these locations are pretty straightforward; a statue in front of a building, a historical landmark, that kind of thing. When it comes to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World however, you may see some interesting ones.

Here are 7 hilarious and bizarre Pokemon Go locations at Magic Kingdom:

Lunch with the Lions

Jungle Cruise isn’t just perfect for puns and wordplay, it’s also filled with fantastic Pokemon Go locations. The description of “Not good for zebras” is especially hilarious. Poor zebra, he must be dead… tired.

Ginger Snaps

It’s clear that someone over at Niantic knows the Jungle Cruise fairly well when they start incorporating the ride’s jokes into the game. Ginger the crocodile is not only one tough cookie, but she’s also a great spot to pick up some items.

The Future

This one is pretty vague. It’s almost like someone just came across an image of a robot and decided to call it “The Future.” This is from Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, so it’s not really inaccurate. Still, a description may have helped a bit.

Burial Grounds

Yikes! Is Disney hiding something? Wait, let me check out the description, I’m sure that will explain it. Well that didn’t help at all! Obviously, this is part of an attraction, only visible from the Walt Disney World Railroad, but this stop is just a tad misleading.

Admiral Joe Fowler Ferryboat

Good luck catching this stop! Actually, as the description explains, the PokeStop is the Ferryboat station, not the boat itself. Too bad. It would have been interesting to watch the stop slowly glide across the map.

Titanium Palm Tree

Back over to Tomorrowland for another vividly described stop. You can tell they clearly put a lot of work into this one. This palm tree appears to be made of metal. At least they chose a type of metal I guess.

Space Ranger Spin

Well, it looks like someone really enjoys this attraction. “Awesome lazer ride in Tomorrow land” is one of the best descriptions you will see for any Pokemon Go location anywhere.

Magic Kingdom isn’t the only park loaded with strange Pokemon Go locations. Keep an eye out for future posts from the other Walt Disney World parks and other locations around the resort as well as Universal Orlando Resort.

Have you noticed any other strange Pokemon Go locations at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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