Will You Marry Me? 7 Pixie Dust Powered Park Proposals

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Valentine’s Day is a time for chocolates, flowers and conversation hearts. More than that, it is a time for romance and affirming love for one’s significant other. The ultimate testament to that affirmation is the desire and commitment to spend the rest of life together in marriage.

Encouraged by the Halloween haunted mansion proposal between two friends, a further look into this magical moment was warranted.  A query into the World Wide Web gave me the ultimate, “Yes!” Thus listed below are examples of marriage proposals at Disney parks.

What could possibly be more magical than marriage proposed under the backdrop of happy ambiance like a Walt Disney Company theme park?  There are dozens of different settings, from castles to characters, for such an endeavor.

The key, of course, is planning.  Those plans can range from a simple “surprise” proposal to elaborate schemes involving characters, attractions and more.  For my friends’ experience, (mentioned above) the question was popped in an empty (save for a few friends to witness and record THE question) stretch room at the Haunted Mansion.

For a truly over the top experience, contact the experts at Disney Fairy Tale Weddings.  They can help craft a mousterpiece marriage proposal package, complete with perfectly planned photos and a ride in Cinderella’s carriage.

Creativity is the key.  Over 100 ideas can be found online courtesy of the Touring Plans blog. Suggestions include popping the question during a balloon ride from Characters in Flight (Disney Springs), spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” in Lego blocks at Lego Imagination (Disney Springs), setting up a private fireworks cruise during Illuminations (Epcot) and pre-arranging a specially decorated cake to arrive during your meal at any of the resort’s restaurants.

To further inspire those planning on proposing at Disney, below are a few examples of the magic others have created to set up their important question.

1. Dinner in Cinderella’s Castle (at the Royal Table) during the fireworks sets up the perfect moment.

2. Make arrangements to have the magic moment facilitated by the Dapper Dans.

3. To start your adventure together, a proposal as an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt Show is one option.

4-5. Almost any photo opportunity is a great way to have both a Disney surprise moment AND get photographs.

6. My personal favorite uses the Haunted Mansion as a backdrop.  When the answer is “Yes!”, more than the ghosts will be grinning.

7. Already magical, a Disney cruise is also a well-suited spot for getting down on your knee and asking.

Disney’s theme parks and resorts offer a multitude of marriage proposal possibilities.  From favorite characters and attractions to celebrating a magical memory at any of the resorts (first date, vacation, first kiss, etc.) planning for popping the question can be extra magical with a bit of creativity and a pinch pixie dust.

Congratulations to everyone in the videos above, and also to J.D and Erica (their Haunted Mansion proposal inspired this story)!

Source and images: Touring Plans, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, YouTube

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