At-Home Imagineering: 8 Disney DIY Ideas to Add Pixie Dust to Your Domicile

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hitchhiking ghost on purple jar

The Walt Disney Company crafts magic in a way like no other. From their timeless, innovative animated features to their immersive, exciting theme parks, pixie dust prevails cementing magnificent memories and experiences. Transport some of that magic and relive the memories with a little Disney DIY craftiness as outlined by these 8 enchanting exercises creating your own homemade Disney décor.

spell book

1. BFG Dream Jar

Create a magical place to store all the good dreams you want whispered to at night. This Disney DIY doesn’t include directions for a Dream Blower but is sure to delight and inspire fans of big friendly giants.

2. Claw Machine

Adding some Pixar-powered aliens to a cleverly disguised candy jar yields this delightful “Toy Story” inspired design. Craft your own claw creation with these instructions.

claw machine with aliens and bullseye plush

3. Cogsworth Clock

Using clay, foam, and a working clock motor, this video guide shows how to craft the “Beauty and the Beast” character. Complete this Cogsworth clock to complement your collection of Disney décor.

4. Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror

Here’s a bit of evil genius that’s sure to make any evil queen smile. In the same creepy-cool fashion of the follow your move busts in the Haunted Mansion, this “Snow White” inspired magic mirror is a brilliant use of illusion. The tutorial also includes an extra “bite” by way of an oversized poison apple.

5. Frozen Features

Transform any bedroom into a “Frozen” inspired retreat. Add paper icicles to the ceiling for a chilled corner. Or, take those closet doors into Arendelle with a simple paint guide. Other ideas found around the web include hanging blue icicle lights behind a sheer curtain or bed canopy. Find more ideas here.

paper isle decorations

6. Haunted Mansion Jar Light

A mason jar, paint, printed feature, and a tea light transform into a creepy-cool candle-like Hitchhiking Ghost decoration.  Not a fan of the Haunted Mansion? The process can be applied to almost any Disney character or film.

purple haunted mansion jar

7. Teapot Lamp

Have your own unbirthday party every day by adding a bit of madness to your home. This “Alice in Wonderland” inspired lamp features a teapot, saucers, and teacups stacked into a whimsical source of light.

teacups stacked on top of a tea top with lamp shade

8. Sanderson Sisters Spellbook

Perfectly timed for running amok with Halloween hijinks, this terror-ific tome takes trick-or-treating and dark décor to a spell-binding new level.

While we’ve only listed 8 enchanting Disney-inspired DIY crafty creations, a bit of creativity and investing a little time searching online can yield a happy host of pixie dust-powered projects for any Disney fan.

Evil Queen’s Magic Mirror

What Disney character or movie inspires you to put a piece of pixie dust in your home? Please share your magical musings in the comments below. 

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