12 Simple Theme Park-Inspired DIY Craft Projects You Can Make At Home

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As back to school supplies slip into store shelves, it’s a sure sign that summer is about to come to close.  In many cases the family vacation is over and parents are just about ready for their kids to return to the books.

Why not return to the theme parks?  We’re not suggesting a return to the crowds and expensive meals. Instead play along at home with some creative theme park related craft time.  We’ve gather a few suggestions to get those little minds and hand active with something constructive.

Discover Disney do-it-yourself

1. Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage – just as back to school supplies are making their way to retail stores, Halloween supplies are materializing in the craft supply stores.  This is a perfect time grab a small foam pumpkin for this project (if you are lucky you might even find a blue one).

2. Olaf Pencils – Do you want to build a snowman?  If the answer is yes, this “Frozen” inspired Olaf snowman pencil crafty creation may also come in handy for back to school.

3. Avengers figures – Tony Stark and Steve Rogers might be impressed with this next superhero summertime DIY made from toilet paper rolls and self-adhesive foam.

4. Marvel Characters – even more Marvel-ous make at home crafty fun comes from creating Marvel superheroes out of Popsicle sticks

5. Darth Vader and Storm Troopers – have fun with the force by making Anakin’s alter-ego and accompanying aim-challenged soldiers of the Empire.

6. Lightsabers – A Jedi needs to practice to learn the skills to be successful.  This simple project will help your junior jedi’s imaginations soar to a galaxy far, far away.

in Disney, Marvel, Star Wars

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