This collection of DIY Theme Park-inspired Cocktails will Make You Feel Like You’re in Fantasyland

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Sea Witch: Theme Park-inspired cocktails

The summer is upon us; school is out and the “tourist season” is in full swing at the theme parks. Whether you decide to brave the crowds or enjoy a simple staycation, sometimes there’s nothing like the comfort of a cleverly crafted cocktail to make the day better. Many of the nation’s themed destinations already know this and offer a multitude of options, often in magically immersive environments. Inspired by the libations at these works of wonder, mixologists have offered “play at home” versions of these clever cocktails.

In keeping with our quest for finding a fun way to best theme park-related fun, Inside the Magic offers this ‘spirited’ collection of cool cocktails. From the Disney inspired delights to wonderful wizarding wonders we hope you find this list inspirational (and that you please drink responsibly).

First up is a fantasy filled adventure with delicious drinks inspired by the house of mouse. This pixie dusted delights are sure to bring a little magic to your bippity boppity bar at home.

Cocktails by Cody, a Facebook page with several spirited suggestions is a great place to start for adult fans of the Mouse looking for a more magical mix of spirits.

Bell of the Ball: Creme de Banana Chocolate Vodka Milk

Seeing Spots: Raspberry Vodka Chocolate Liqueur Cream

Sea Witch: Grape Pucker Malibu Squirt

Bone Daddy: Apple Pucker Butterscotch Schnapps Cider Hennessy

These fun fairytale finds are available in the book “Fairy Tale Cocktails,” which is available online for just under $20.

For more adventurous fans, head on over to Disney Food Blog to find an all-purpose salute to a long gone libation. Additionally, tricks of the tiki-trade, aka Trader Sam’s (and just about any food and drink item found at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort) will want to surf on over to Tiki Man Pages.

From the magic of Disney inspired drinks we turn next to the potent potions inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

First up in this flight of spellbinding spirits is a bright green batch of bubbling Polyjuice Potion. Giving this sherbert based party staple a Harry Potter magical makeover makes it a perfect potion for any gathering of wizards. Plan portions well as ingredients like sherbert, vodka, and lemon-lime soda ensure there is no saving this one-time use punch when the party’s over. As advised in the source, cooking with curls, this potion only has the ability to “turn” the user into someone else if too much is consumed.

Polyjuice Potion

The Gillywater Cocktail combines cucumber, mint, coconut water, gin (or vodka) and tonic water to produce “pond water as a cocktail.” This beguiling beverage made several appearances in the Harry Potter stories and can now find its way into your home. The full recipe (including sweeter versions using cucumber soda) is available on the Miss Kitchen Witch blog. Extra points to your house for getting crafty with the cucumber for garnish.

Gillywater Cocktail

Pumpkin Juice just got jazzed up in this spiked version of the Harry Potter staple. The potency in this pumpkin potion comes from gin, ginger ale and strained pumpkin pie filling. The recipe is part of a full spread of Potter-inspired goodies from chocolate frogs to butterbeer, found on the Clutzy Cooking blog.

Pumpkin Juice

Speaking of chocolate frogs, a page from the spellbook at Alex the Contemporary Culinarian’s blog gives directions on how to make a super sweet Chocolate Frog Cocktail. If a magic wand infused with cooking techniques is not readily available, use a common muggle blender to mix the cocoa syrup with coffee liqueur, brandy and cream until smooth. Serve chilled with chocolate shavings or cocoa powder garnish. This same spell can be changed up to make a peppermint fly variation by swapping out the coffee liqueur for a mint liqueur. As far we know no actual frogs or flies were harmed in the casting of this spell.

Chocolate Frog Cocktail

Next to last on the list of lively libations is this hot-tempered temptation: Fire Whiskey. The wizards over at A Little Pink Blog were kind enough to turn down the heat so muggles could enjoy this normally wizards-only scorcher. To brew a batch, chill your favorite whiskey and cinnamon schnapps by adding to ice cubes in a shaker. If you do not have a house elf, you’ll have to shake up this mixture yourself. Find a fireproof shot glass (emphasis on glass and NOT plastic) and pour the cool concoction to just under full. Top off with a bit of 151 and ignite (wand or matches, your choice). Safety note to non-wizards: ensure extinguishment of flames before consuming.

Fire Whiskey

Finally the most popular of wizarding beverages – Butter Beer! While J.K. Rowland’s Harry Potter novels may have made this butterscotch flavored favorite famous, the drink has actually been around for about 500 years. Follow along in this video to make an authentic, historic recipe:

For wizards and want-to-be wizards, the muggles over at Amazon offer a special spell book with fifty different potions perfect for parties, quidditch matches and celebrating the little owl bringing your little witch or wizard a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.

50 Amazing Cocktails Inspired by Harry Potter

($19.99 at Amazon)

Be it by Mouse or by Wizard, we do hope that, when making the magic from the recipes above that, you’ll cast your spells responsibly.

We’d also love to learn what spells, potions or pixie dusted delights you enjoy. Please share your favorite theme park inspired adult beverage recipes in the comments.

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