7 Super Helpful Mobile Apps that will Make Your Walt Disney World Visit Much Easier

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With free Wi-Fi available in the Walt Disney theme parks and your favorite iPhone, a trip to Walt Disney World, FL, can be an enjoyable well-planned experience.

Dozens of helpful apps are available to help plan for and make the most of a visit to the park.  While this list is focused on Florida’s Walt Disney World, many of these apps offer Disneyland versions as well. Of these applications, seven stand out.

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Disney Mobile App


1. My Disney Experience

This is Disney’s official app and it is stocked with tons of useful tools and information. Information for dining, fast passes, wait times, and much more are crammed into this powerful and free app.  If you happen to have a magic band this app will sync with information tied to the band. (free for iOS and Android)

My Disney Experience App

2. Shop Disney Parks

It’s like having a small version of the Disney Store in the palm of your hand.  A great way to shop without having to face crowded stores or long waits to check out.  Bonus: this app works outside of the theme parks as well, a great way to find that perfect collectible even if you cannot make the trek to the happiest place on earth. (free for iOS and Android)

3. Lots to Do in Line

This amazing app is based on the book by Meredith Lynn Pierce. There are versions of the app for both the Florida and California parks. A great way to discover and explore the often missed details Disney Imagineers have included around the theme parks.  Treasure hunts, games, and trivia questions related to the queues of several attractions can make waiting in line an enjoyable adventure. ($6.99 iOS; $5.99 Android)

4. Walt Disney World Secrets Notecast

Loaded with pages of trivia, travel tips, and tour ideas for your magical visit, this app comes in both a standard and premium version ($1.99 and $3.99). An added benefit, this family of applications does not require an internet connection to enjoy, which is great for those watching their data.  Disneyland versions of the app are also available. ($1.99 & $3.99 iOS; $2.99/Gold Android)

5. Hidden Mickeys

Based on Steven M Barrett’s book of the same name, this app is a great way to track down various versions of the Mouse throughout the parks.  The $7.99 app comes on Walt Disney World (FL) and Disneyland (CA) versions and is a great way to enhance your park experience. ($7.99 iOS and Android)

6. Disney World Lines

This free app (has in-app purchases) can come in handy when you just want a quick solution to figuring out how long you’ll be waiting to experience your favorite attraction.  With options like “Outsmart the Crowds” and “Save 4 Hours in Line” this free app can help you get the most out of your day ad Disney World.  The app also has information on fast pass + availability, park hours, dining menu items, weather forecasts, and tools for calculating ticket costs.  A Disneyland and Universal variation of the app is also available.  (free iOS and Android)

7. Where in WDW?

A virtual version of the scavenger hunt, this app “takes” players around the various themed lands of the Magic Kingdom on a quest to find the image displayed on the screen. The game can be played at home and does not require theme park attendance to enjoy, but can make a fun addition to your next visit. An Epcot version is also available to download from within the app. There are three ways to play: Magic Kingdom tour (three strikes/wrong answers and you’re out); Quick Tour (timed game); and Themed tour (available after completing other games).  This app is free, but a paid version, with additional attraction images is available. (free with in-app purchases iOS only)

Put that smartphone to use for your next Disney vacation.  With the useful tools and experience-enhancing opportunities of these seven sensational apps, a trip to Disney World or Disneyland might just become an entirely new experience.

Have you used any of these IOS apps during your park visits?  If so, which do you prefer or what worked best for you?  Please share in the comments below.

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