Who will be the “big bad” of Universal’s Dark Universe?

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Universal Studios’ “Dark Universe” was rolled out with the release of “The Mummy.” This will finally bring us a cinematic franchise that connects all of Universal’s classic monsters, including the Mummy, the Invisible Man, Frankenstein’s monster and more.

What exactly are they coming together for though? The Avengers assembled to stop Loki. Batman and Superman were pitted against each other by Lex Luthor. Why would these monsters join forces? What common goal could they possibly have?

Alex Kurtzman, writer and director of “The Mummy,” recently spoke with IGN about not only his movie, but the whole Dark Universe franchise. When asked if there was a common enemy in line for the heroes of these upcoming movies, Kurtzman kept a tight lip.

“That’s a very spoiler-rich question you’re asking me,” Kurtzman said. “Tricky. Sneaky.”

But while Kurtzman did not give us a straight answer as to who the main antagonist will be, he did present some interesting options.

“I can say this: the threat could come from within Prodigium,” Kurtzman said. “There might be other forces out there, other organizations that want to do the opposite of what Prodigium wants to do.”

Kurtzman’s cryptic response obviously gives two very different possibilities, but ones that both seem to make a lot of sense.

Could Dr. Jekyll be the real threat? Will his evil alter-ego take over and lead Podigium to do the exact opposite of what they’ve set out to do? Or will we see another organization who will oppose Prodigium by setting out to release all of the evil into the world?

Kurtzman went on to take that second possibility to a whole new level.

“Maybe those organizations were built by other monsters. Maybe the monsters don’t all have the same agendas,” Kurtzman said. “Maybe they want very different things. Maybe some want to bring evil into the world while others want to protect the world from it.”

Wait a minute. Is he hinting that we might see a war between two teams of monsters? It would appear that Kurtzman implied that some of the monsters will actually join forces to carry out the mission that Prodigium set forth to accomplish, while others will oppose them, leading to a full-scale monster war!

So rather than the heroes of the movies, or even the monsters, teaming up to take out a common enemy in the same vein as Marvel’s “The Avengers,” it would appear we might be heading toward something a lot more like Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.”

Spoiler alert!

The end of “The Mummy” does somewhat support this theory, as we see Tom Cruise’s character, newly enhanced with Mummy powers, riding off into the sunset with his friend. Cruise’s Nick Morton could be the good-willed monster that helps to recruit, assemble and lead a team of fellow monsters to protect the world as we know it.

As for the other team, pick a monster. Anyone on Universal’s terrifying roster could be a believable leader for a team of ill-intentioned evil monsters.

We’ll have to wait and see just what lies in store for the “Dark Universe.” It may be some time before we learn what the real threat is in this new world of gods and monsters.

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