Club 33 Announced for Walt Disney World, Coming Soon to 4 New Locations

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Disney Parks announced today that the famous Club 33 will be coming to Walt Disney World. Even better…there will be a version of Club 33 in each of Walt Disney World’s parks. That means there will be four separate locations that Club 33 members will be able to enjoy during their time in Orlando.

Each of the locations will vary in design, but it is likely that all establishments will either carry the same name or have similar names that feature them as a collective chain. Theming will supposedly be built around the many adventures that Walt and his wife, Lily, had during their years together.

Members of the Club 33 location in Anaheim will not be considered members of the East Coast locations. Membership for the new locations will need to be purchased separately.

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Not much more about this project is known at this time; however, Disney is encouraging those who are interested in becoming members to send an email to More information should be coming this fall.

Disney seems to have put a great deal of focus on Club 33 in recent years. The exclusive and famous location in Disneyland underwent some renovations a few years back. Take a look at the gorgeous dining location before its latest makeover.



in Disney, Food, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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