VIDEO: Lumiere & Cogsworth meet Belle, prepare dinner in two more preview clips from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

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Cogsworth and Lumiere

Credit: Disney

With the release of their new live-action reimagining of “Beauty and the Beast” less than two weeks away, Disney is certainly ramping up the movie’s promotional campaign. Over the weekend the company made public yet another new clip from the film, which means pretty soon fans could practically be able to assemble their own version of “Beauty and the Beast” at home.

In the latest clips, we see Belle (Emma Watson) being released from her cell by the anthropomorphic candelabra and clock characters Lumiere (voiced by actor Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Sir Ian McKellan), and her understandably-surprised reaction to meeting such unusual creatures.


And in the second clip, Lumiere and Cogsworth prepare for the movie’s big “Be Our Guest” musical number, by making sure the kitchen staff is ready to serve Belle her first dinner during her stay in the Beast’s enchanted castle.


Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will be released into theaters nationwide on Friday, March 17th.


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