Travel from Miami to Orlando in just 3 hours with new Brightline express train

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Efficient high-speed rail transportation has been a big part of many idealized visions of the future for quite some time. And now at least one project that has been in the works over the past few years is finally coming to fruition: an express train line between Miami and Orlando.

The new railroad line, built and owned by private company Brightline, has made significant progress in its construction and is set to open with limited service between West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami this September. An expansion to Central Florida will then follow, with a terminal planned for the Orlando International Airport.


Once it’s in full operation, the BrightPink express line, as this branch will be called, will offer South Florida residents a better, faster way to get to the Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resorts (driving between the two points can take up to four hours, while the train will take only three for its 235-mile journey).

And of course Walt Disney World guests who have booked the Land and Sea packages will have a much easier time reach Miami for their Disney Cruise Line departures.


Image Copyright Brightline
Images Copyright Brightline

Be sure to visit Brightline’s official All Aboard Florida website for more information.


  1. Chris

    Disney cruises are based out of Port Canaveral, so no help there but an interesting concept. You could jump on a different cruise line out of the Ft. Lauderdale or Miami though.

  2. TimP

    Save one hour. Not enough time savings if you intend to drive.

    1. Garaan

      Well, but then you don’t have to pay for parking or find someplace to stick said vehicle. Practical enough if you’re planning on staying on property.

      1. TimP

        But you have to get around the town. Cheaper to drive your own car.

  3. Andre Willey

    Three hours for a 235 mile journey? That’s only about 80mph (assuming few stops) so hardly a “high speed” line compared to a lot of countries where 100-150mph is very common, faster on the most recent lines. I can easily do home to London (about 110 miles) in an hour.

  4. Steve

    Shaving only one hour from a Miami to Orlando trip does not qualify this as high speed rail.

  5. Lula

    How much from orlando to miami

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