Comments for Travel from Miami to Orlando in just 3 hours with new Brightline express train


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    Disney cruises are based out of Port Canaveral, so no help there but an interesting concept. You could jump on a different cruise line out of the Ft. Lauderdale or Miami though.

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    Save one hour. Not enough time savings if you intend to drive.

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      Well, but then you don’t have to pay for parking or find someplace to stick said vehicle. Practical enough if you’re planning on staying on property.

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        But you have to get around the town. Cheaper to drive your own car.

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    Andre Willey

    Three hours for a 235 mile journey? That’s only about 80mph (assuming few stops) so hardly a “high speed” line compared to a lot of countries where 100-150mph is very common, faster on the most recent lines. I can easily do home to London (about 110 miles) in an hour.

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    Shaving only one hour from a Miami to Orlando trip does not qualify this as high speed rail.

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    How much from orlando to miami

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