Disney’s Hollywood Studios to change names as Walt Disney World aims to reinvent theme park – again

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Yesterday the Walt Disney Company held their annual shareholder meeting where several exciting announcements were made. CEO Bob Iger announced that a sequel to Frozen a.k.a ‘Frozen 2’ is in development and two more Star Wars movies will be coming up.

Another surprising reveal happened during the Q&A session at the end of the meeting. A precocious 6 year old asked Iger if the name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to change in the future. This led Bob Iger to accidentally reveal that after the major remodel of the park is done, the park’s name will be changed for a second time. What the new name will be, Iger would not say, but we can surely say that a lot of changes is in the future of our Hollywood Studios park.

We recently saw the park’s icon, the Sorcerer Hat, disappear to once again reveal the classic Chinese Theater. This also coincides with TCM taking over the sponsorship for the Great Movie Ride.

Sorcerer Hat removal time lapse to reveal Great Movie Ride Chinese Theater

More changes we have seen recently at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the closing of the Backlot Tour and the announcement that the popular Toy Story Mania will be expanded with a third track.


Audio and Transcript of the conversation that revealed a name change of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Child: My name is Gideon and I’m 6 years old and I’m DIsney shareholder. And is the name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios going to be renamed?

Iger: I didn’t understand the second part. Is the what, Gideon?

Child: The name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios gonna be changed?

Iger: Name of DIsney’s Hollywood Studios?

Child: yeah

Iger: Being changed? No, no. It is being changed?


Iger: Oh, I … not announced. We used to be MGM Studios, we changed it to Hollywood Studios. And we are doing some significant work there right now. That I guess will result in a name change.


Iger: eh…So now we can announce that. Not been announced, right? No. We will announce that we are changing the name, but we won’t announce what we are changing it to. How is that? We are not changing into Rogue One. Thank you Gideon.

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