ParkSpotting at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Frozen Fun winds down, Big Hero 6 on display, One Man’s Dream changes

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 Welcome back to another edition of ParkSpotting. Today I will take a trip around Disney’s Hollywood Studios and say farewell to some of the Frozen Summer Fun Event additions.

 The Frozen presence is strong as soon as you walk into the park.

I arrived just 10 minutes before the last “Anna’s and Elsa’s Royal Welcome” parade and apparently so did everybody else.

This was the last chance to see the Frozen sisters parade down Hollywood Blvd and a large crowd showed up for the occassion.

The Frozen parade was one of my favorite parts of the Frozen Summer Fun event, especially as you got to see the real life Kristoff for the first time.

Most of the parade floats are being moved back to Magic Kingdom for the addition of the Frozen characters in the Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade.

At the end of the parade Anna and Elsa greet their fans on the way to the stage. The screams from the excited kids reached a fever pitch.

The little “Let it Go” sing along together with the Frozen sisters is a cute end to the parade.

The most popular girls in the Disney world right now.

After the heavily attended Frozen stage ceremony I took cover behind the Sorcerer hat to wait for the crowds to disperse and spotted some other Disney friends.

Daisy and Donald was out greeting in their dapper best!

They may not be the Frozen sisters but Donald and Daisy still had a line of excited kids and adults waiting to meet them.


The ABC TV show Once Upon A Time is making sure to take advantage of the Frozen hype.

My next stop was the “For the First Time In Forever” Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. This is one of the Frozen experiences that will continue being around in the park but rumors is that the show will be moved to the now empty American Idol building.

All FP+ were gone for the day and it was a full house for the show.

It may just be a simple retelling of the movie but with the added comedy of the hosts and the live singing finale this is absolutely something you should at least see once.

Some Disney Bounding Frozen girls were waiting excitedly in line for the sing along.

After the Frozen Sing-Along I took a stroll down the Streets of America to check out the progress of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights being put up.

Osborne Lights is always a great Christmas event to go to so I’m really happy to see that it will be back this year.

Decided to make a quick stop into the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids play area as I have never been in there before.

Lots of kids enjoying themselves in there but I succeded in grabbing some cool pics of the over sized decor.

Spotted large crowds in front of Muppet Vision 3D. Don’t think I have ever seen so many people outside Muppets before. Either it became really popular since my last visit or maybe it could be the affect of FP+.

The popular Jedi Training Academy is still going strong with many volunteers wanting to defeat Darth Vader.

The rain clouds slowly rolling in made the perfect backdrop for the Tower.

The now empty American Idol Experience show building is just waiting to get its makeover.

Some new Mickey Halloween and Toy Story Mania mugs available at the snack carts.

A yummy Mickey pretzel is always a perfect snack.

Frozen Photopass “Magic Shots” is now a common sight in the park.

Your only opportunity to meet Sven is in these shots.

Every time I go to the park I have to check out this oldie but a goodie, One Man’s Dream.

The very large New Fantasyland model they had in this room is now gone and has been replaced with some other Disney models and props.

You can now check out a miniature Dipmobile from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

A classic Tron helmet on display.

This Tower of Terror model is very impressive. Wish they had models like this for sale.

Took another AC break inside The Magic of Disney Animation.

Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope is still entertaining guests inside.

The Production Gallery had gotten a new “Big Hero 6” overlay.

On Nov 7 Baymax and Hiro will be household names.

The art office also got the Big Hero 6 treatment.

I love checking out the art store at the exit of The Magic of Disney Animation. Spotted this new cool Jack Skellington figurine.

Next up I had a FP+ for the Great Movie Ride and I got on the ride in 5 minutes even though it was a 45 min standby line. Moments like this is when you really appreciate FP+

Cowboys and Forbidden Stones everywhere. My favorite part of the Great Movie Ride is the Indiana Jones sections.

So another Frozen Summer Fun addition that is changing is Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Funland. The Funland is changing locations to the exit of the now closed up Backlot Tour and the ice rink is unfortunately not surviving that move. Though Oaken’s will still have a snowy playground for kids to build Olaf’s in.

Frozen merchandise and treats will still be apart of the new Oaken’s.

Backlot Tour had its last day on Sept 27 and CMs were now stationed outside its entrance informing guests about its closure.

You could spot the new Oaken’s already in construction at the old AFI Showcase exit of Backlot Tour.

I heard news of another new area in the park getting a Frozen overlay, the Legend of Hollywood shop on Sunset Blvd.

Frozen movie posters outside the shop.

The store is now packed with Frozen merchandise that according to the CMs is flying of the shelves.

That’s it for this weeks Park Spotting. Come back next week for another trip around the parks.

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