Antarctica sneak peek offers new concept art, Puck the penguin meet-and-greet for SeaWorld Orlando’s “Epic Voyage”

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This past weekend, SeaWorld Orlando brought its “Epic Voyage” campaign to The Avenues Mall in Jacksonville, Florida, previewing its upcoming attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, opening May 24, 2013.

The new theme park “realm” and ride will transport families into a the icy world of Antarctica, surrounded by mountains, penguins, and strikingly cold temperatures.

To offer a sneak peek at the Empire of the Penguin attraction, SeaWorld Orlando’s “Epic Voyage” features a family experience with an ice dome, interactive displays, photo and video opportunities, prizes, live penguins, and a first look at the ride’s star, Puck the penguin, who will be available to meet at SeaWorld in May.

Video: Antarctica Epic Voyage tour with Puck penguin character from SeaWorld Orlando

The tour also offered a look at concept art revealing some of the icy scenes that guests will encounter within the Empire of the Penguin ride while riding on its state-of-the-art trackless vehicles:

The artwork shows Puck appearing in cracks between icy walls, penguins and other sea creatures swimming around vast openings, and some rather uniquely shaped “dripping” ice formations.

“Since Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin was announced in November 2011, we’ve been planning and looking forward to bringing a glimpse of the attraction to these key markets to connect with our fans and let them feel the chill,” said Vice President of Marketing & Sales for SeaWorld Parks & Resorts Orlando Toni Caracciolo.

Four more dates and locations remain in the “Epic Voyage,” taking the tour to Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and Miami, FL. More information can be found at SeaWorld’s web site.

Photos and video provided by Dallas Thompson of Relive the Magic.


  1. Jeff Lynch

    I am really torn on this. I love penguins because they are so silly and they do some pretty zany things when you watch them. They make me giggle. But at the same time I don’t like the cold and I think being in the cold is yuck. So I don’t know if I would like this ride/attraction. I am going to have to think about whether I want to ever go there.

    1. I generally don’t mind the cold, but SeaWorld recently backtracked from saying that “Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin” will be the coldest attraction on Earth and They are Now Saying that It Will Be the Coldest Attraction in SeaWorld. So, Hopefully when it opens, It won’t be too cold!

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