Preview: Universal Orlando offers first look at Cinematic Spectacular lagoon show with words from director Steven Spielberg

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In anticipation of the unveiling Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular lagoon show on May 8, Universal Orlando has released a video preview not only showing a first look of the colorful fountains, fireworks, and recognizable movie scenes projected on water screens, but also featuring acclaimed Hollywood director Steven Spielberg discussing the power of film.

“By holding onto a film or a fragment from a film, that marks a time in your life that will always be a part of your life,” said Spielberg. “And that’s why films are like sign posts or markers throughout people’s lives and if anything makes movies timeless, it’s how profound those sign posts and markers are to each individual.”

Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular will feature 100 years of Universal Studios films, including plenty of Spielberg pictures, including Jurassic Park, E.T., and Back to the Future.

Video: Preview of Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular with Steven Spielberg

Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular will be performed nightly when it debuts at the Universal Studios Florida theme park on May 8, 2012. On the same day, Universal Orlando will also premiere the new Superstar Parade.

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