Inside Satellite Falls and Quiet Cove, providing Disney Fantasy passengers with improved adults-only pool areas

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The new Disney Fantasy cruise ship offers adults an expanded exclusive area for rest and relaxation over the Disney Dream. While the Quiet Cove pool area remains largely unchanged from the sister ship, the addition of Satellite Falls provides passengers on board a perfect way to escape from children for a while.

Located on the top forward deck of the Disney Fantasy, Satellite Falls utilizes the ship’s large round satellite transmitters as design features, incorporating a splash pool and soft rain curtain underneath, a perfect place to lounge in the sun. Take a dip in the video below.

Video: Satellite Falls adults-only splash pool and rain curtain on the Disney Fantasy

The water of Satellite Falls is not heated, but after sunning on deck, the cool rain curtain is most welcome.

Satellite Falls

Satellite Falls

Satellite Falls

The open deck provides plenty of seating in and around Satellite Falls, though it can get crowded during days at sea.

Satellite Falls

A wrap-around front deck offers adults a chance to look out the front of the Disney Fantasy as it sails across the ocean. It also makes for a great photo opportunity.

Satellite Falls deck

The only “downfall” to Satellite Falls is that when it’s windy, particularly when the ship is at sea, the rain curtain is turned off. The gentle drops would be easily carried away by the wind, so lounging at Satellite Falls while docked at ports of call is the best time to enjoy it.

Quiet Cove offers adults an interior space on Deck 11 of the Disney Fantasy to swim, wade, soak, drink, eat, and socialize. In the video below, jump in for a quick swim in the pool and in the area’s unique hot tubs featuring a glass-bottom view of the ocean passing beneath.

Video: Quiet Cove adults-only pool area on the Disney Fantasy

Quiet Cove pool

The two sides of the Quiet Cove pool give some room to swim, sit, lie down, and wade in the mist.

Quiet Cove pool

Quiet Cove pool

Quiet Cove pool

It’s a particularly inviting area at night, open until midnight. That’s where I spent the majority of my relaxation time while on board during this past weekend’s Inaugural preview cruise.

Quiet Cove pool at night

Specifically, the area’s two hot tubs give adults stunning views of the surrounding ocean not only from panoramic windows facing outward but also downward on the bottom of the jacuzzis.

Quiet Cove hot tubs

Nearby, adults not wanting to get wet have room to sit and stare out the windows at a sunset or read a book.

Quiet Cove sitting

Overlooking the Quiet Cove pool on deck 12, guests can enjoy an outdoor massage by the Senses Spa staff (at an extra charge).

Quiet Cove outdoor massage

Around that same deck is another wading pool with a soft water feature in the middle, surrounded by more seating and lounge chairs.

Adult wading pool

Like the Quiet Cove pool, this small wading pool is particularly inviting at night.

Adult area at night

Adult area at night

The Currents bar offers adults a chance to drink away from the commotion of kids, with another nearby seating area.

Currents bar

Adults only deck

The satellite-based Internet connection is spotty at sea, but the Cove Cafe is one of the best places on board to try to connect. It’s also the only air-conditioned adult-exclusive area, offering plenty of comfortable seating, a bar, and snacks.

Cove Cafe at night

Cove Cafe

Cove Cafe

When the Disney Dream debuted in 2011, adult guests asked Disney Cruise Line for more 18+ areas for kid-free enjoyment. In addition to an all-new theme for the vastly-improved interior adult entertainment district (more on that soon), Disney responded with turning the top forward deck into Satellite Falls, encouraging adults to not only relax in the secluded and successful Quiet Cove, but also venture out for stunning views of where the Fantasy was headed next. With a relaxing quiet atmosphere featuring a unique water feature and occasionally enhanced by live music, Satellite Falls is the perfect expansion to the adults-only offerings aboard the newest Disney Cruise Line ship.

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