Adults Cruising the Disney Dream Can Find on-Board Grownup Getaways in the District Lounges, Quiet Cove Pool

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Disney Cruise Line ships are the ultimate places for kids to hang out and have fun on the high seas. But even among a ship full of children’s activities and entertainment, Disney offers a number of activities aimed at adults, providing a getaway from the frenetic kid-filled environments and a few moments of peace and quiet.

The Disney Dream is surely a large ship featuring Disney touches aimed at kids of all ages around every corner. It may not be the ideal vacation idea for adults traveling alone (unless they’re big Disney fans), but even the most family-oriented traveler occasionally needs a little time away from the kids.

Aboard the Disney Dream, the third and largest of Disney’s ships, adults will find time to socialize and relax in a few restricted-age areas, open only to the 18+ crowd. The Quiet Cove area offers a pool, hot tubs, bar, ample seating, and even the occasional live (but not intrusive) entertainment. The District provides traveling adults with chances to dance the night away or just calmly unwind in one of its many lounges. Remy offers child-free fine dining (though with a hefty price tag). And even onshore at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, adults-only oceanside lounging is easily accessible at Serenity Bay.

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Read on to learn more about each adults-only option…

Quiet Cove pool and bar

Quiet Cove, adults only - Disney Dream

Ah yes – There are few more relaxing ideas in the world than lounging by a sun-sparkled pool on a cruise ship with no kids in sight. Disney’s Quiet Cove provides that opportunity to passengers ages 18 and older. Compared to the pool’s main deck, the area is rather small, but it’s welcome nonetheless. The pool isn’t large enough for swimming, but adults can certainly wade, neck-deep, and take in the surroundings.

Below is a brief video tour of the area. It’s part of a longer video showing off the Dream’s pools and decks, but hitting play below will jump right to the Quiet Cove section:

If you rewind and watch the whole video, you’ll see the stark contrast between the active main pools and the serene Quiet Cove.

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Quiet Cove bar - Disney Dream

Attached to the pool is a wrap-around bar, serving plenty of reasonably-priced drinks to the adult crowd. Next to the pool is the Cove Cafe, an indoor Internet cafe-style bar with plenty of seating:

Cove cafe

Cove cafe

For me, the highlights of Quiet Cove are the hot tubs, with an infinite edge toward the ocean and glass-bottom below. They’re completely relaxing and comfortable:

Quiet Cove hot tubs - Disney Dream

Outside of the water, Quiet Cove offers seating on two levels:

Quiet Cove, adults only - Disney Dream

Adults only deck seating - Disney Dream

But beware on the top level, where seating borders entrance back into the “Family Zone,” where kids may roam freely.

Entering family zone - Disney Dream

Quiet Cove is especially pleasing at night, lit up with soothing colors that contrast from the vibrant reds glowing throughout the rest of the ship at night:

Quiet Cove, adults only - Disney Dream

The District lounges and night clubs

The District lounges

The District is home to nighttime 18+ activity that includes dancing, socializing, and drinking. From the moment adults arrive at the themed elevator landing, they’re treated like celebrities, entering the area on a red carpet lined with silhouetted paparazzi:

The District elevators

The District

Before we get further with the photos, take a video stroll through The District’s night clubs and lounges:

At the end of the entrance hallway are walls featuring lounge logos, giving guests a preview of what’s to come:

The District

The District Lounge is a casual seating area with occasional piano entertainment:

The District

Pink is the most stylish of The District’s lounges, offering bubbly champagne-inspired decor with just a tiny touch of Disney in the form of a pink elephant from Dumbo on the outside:

Pink lounge

Inside, guests will enjoy comfortable seating among curved walls and cozy surroundings:

Pink lounge

687 is an upscale equivalent of a sports bar, featuring room to lounge around, watch TV, and grab a few drinks. The name comes from the Dream’s keel number at the Meyer Werft shipyard where it was built.

687 lounge

Evolution offers a dark environment with a bar and active dance floor:

Evolution bar

Evolution night club

Attached to the Evolution club but also accessible from a separate entrance is the Skyline Lounge, which showcases animated nighttime scenic overviews of some of the world’s most famous cityscapes, courtesy of a little Disney magic:

Skyline lounge

Skyline lounge

More photos of The District lounges on the Disney Dream (lumped in with a few snacking opportunities around the ship):

Remy restaurant

Entrance - Remy

Standard rotational dining rooms on the Disney Dream are heavily Disney-influenced, with characters common throughout much of the decor. Guests looking to get away from all that Disney can eat at Remy, a new restaurant exclusive to this ship that offers fine dining for an exclusive crowd.

Take a quick walk around the Ratatouille-inspired restaurant in this video:

It costs $75 per person to eat at Remy, with reservations needing to be booked months in advance of the voyage. Seating is limited due to the personal attention each diner receives. Guests dining at Remy can expect a multi-course meal that will last 2-3 hours, with each course offering something new and unique from the last. Menus are carefully crafted by the restaurant’s chef. Jackets are required for men, dresses for women, and no one under the age of 18 is allowed inside, promising a peaceful, character-free meal.

More photos from Remy:

Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay

Serenity Bay - Castaway Cay

Adults-only access continues off the ship and on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. Taking the island’s tram system all the way to the end drops passengers off at Serenity Bay, an 18+ beach featuring nothing but quiet relaxation.

Step onto Serenity Bay’s beach and into the water in this overview video of the area:

Serenity Beach curves around a seemingly-endless expanse of ocean, with enough room to stretch out and lie down in the sun.

Serenity Bay - Castaway Cay

Serenity Bay Water - Castaway Cay

Serenity Bay - Castaway Cay

Private cabanas are available for an extra cost, but aren’t entirely necessary as the entire beach has a private feel to it, free from children.

Serenity Bay Cabanas - Castaway Cay

A nearby bar offers a variety of drinks to sip while watching the waves crash:

Bar - Castaway Cay

More photos from Serenity Bay (and the rest of Castaway Cay too):

In Summary

Adults looking to take an adventure in the Caribbean may not think of a Disney Cruise Line voyage as their first idea for a relaxing vacation. Images of kids running wild with Disney characters acting, well, goofy is not exactly the ideal notion of relaxation.

But grown-up Disney fans can still find plenty of wonder and magic aboard the Disney Dream, enjoying kid-friendly entertainment throughout the majority of the ship, but still finding peace and privacy in its many adults-only areas. But onboard adult-exclusive activities are limited to drinking, dancing, socializing, and resting, so guests looking for other forms of child-free fun may want to keep searching beyond the Disney Dream.

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