Preview: AquaLab add-on to the AquaDuck water coaster offers a splash-tacular time aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship

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One of the most fun experiences on the Disney Dream cruise ship has been expanded aboard the new Disney Fantasy. The world’s first water-coaster-at-sea, the AquaDuck, debuted last year on the Disney Dream, featuring twists and turns above the high seas. But on the Fantasy, not only is Disney Cruise Line duplicating this high-sliding ride, but also adding the AquaLab, a drenching water play area that ties in to the AquaDuck fun.

As the attraction’s story goes, Huey, Dewey, and Louie built the AquaDuck for their amusement, but their uncle Donald Duck hopped on before it was ready, sending him soaring into one of the ship’s nearby smokestacks. On the Disney Fantasy, that story is taken a step further with the AquaLab serving as the workshop where the young trio created the AquaDuck. Of course, not all is perfect in a workshop, with leaky pipes and squirting water jets around every turn.

Video: Disney Fantasy AquaLab preview (beginning 36 seconds into the video)

That video is the latest in a series of video diaries showing off some of the Disney Fantasy’s new features.

The 1,800-square-foot AquaLab water play area is located on Deck 12 of the Disney Fantasy and includes 24 pop jets and countless other geysers, bubblers, and other water features that are designed to douse all who enter, with around 900 gallons of water pumping through per minute.

Nearby, the AquaDuck welcomes guests on the Fantasy just as it does on the Dream, providing rides via two-person rafts, on a twisting, turning, up, down and over-the-side-of-the-ship adventure, rising as high as Deck 16 before splashing back down on Deck 12.

The AquaDuck is easily my favorite water attraction around and I look forward to sliding through it, along with running amuck in the AquaLab, on the upcoming Inaugural Magical Preview Cruise of the Disney Fantasy. I’ll return with plenty of wet-and-wild video from around the new play area, but in the meantime, enjoy my point-of-view ride aboard the AquaDuck on the Disney Dream from its Christening Cruise in 2011:

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