Disney Fantasy sailing for New York christening on March 1, a first for Disney Cruise Line

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For the first time in Disney Cruise Line history, a new cruise ship will be christened outside of Florida. The new Disney Fantasy ship will have a grand christening ceremony on March 1 in New York City.

The Fantasy recently had its official “float out” into the water for the first time in Germany and will be making its way across the seas for arrival in New York on February 28. On the evening of March 1, a nighttime christening will take place, after which the Fantasy will set sail again the following day to Port Canaveral in Florida for a series of preview cruises followed by its maiden voyage on March 31.

Disney’s previous three ships, the Magic, Wonder, and most recently the Disney Dream were all christened at Port Canaveral. But the Fantasy’s out-of-Florida christening is in honor of Disney Cruise Line expanding in 2012 to include three new homeports: New York, Seattle and Galveston. After the Fantasy arrives in Central Florida, the Disney Magic ship will move up north, sailing 20 cruises from New York beginning May 25, 2012. The Fantasy will be cruising the Western Caribbean.

If last year’s Disney Dream christening is any indication, those invited to the New York christening of the Disney Fantasy are in for a character- and celebrity-packed treat like the Big Apple has never seen.

But it’s not yet clear if this first-ever christening outside of Florida will be open for the public to view or if, like the Disney Dream event last year, it will be invitation-only for media, travel agents, and select Disney folks. It’s likely the latter, but we’ll certainly keep you posted if we hear anything about tickets or public admission.


  1. Ron

    What luck. I leave for Disney the day the Fantasy will be in my backyard.

    1. Cathy

      Can anyone go to the christening or how can you go about getting an invitation? I live about 30 minutes away and my family and I are sailing on the Fantasy May 26th.

      1. Richie

        There not letting the public go… Just the press and Disney Cast. I think that sucks lol.

  2. Kim

    I’m also not far from NY and plan on going to the christening. I wanted to know about tickets, or if this is a public event. I’m going to be on the Fantasy in September and I’m SO EXCITED that it’s being christened here!!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It will likely be a private invitation-only event, like the Disney Dream Christening was last year. I have asked Disney to confirm that, but haven’t heard back yet.

  3. Melissa

    It is a private, invitation only event. I am lucky enough to have received an invite (I am a Disney Travel Planner) and am insanely excited!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Have fun! I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s Dream Christening down here in Florida.

    2. Makenzie

      How can u get one

    3. Chip

      Can you share ballpark time when it will depart NY. Would like to go to Liberty Park to see it sail by.

      1. William Marin

        According to a Disney source I was told the ship will depart tomorrow, March 2nd, at 2pm from Pier 88.

  4. Natasha

    Is it viewable to the public what do they do at he christening exactly me and 4 girls are planning to go I even made a poster like 5 ft long

    1. Richie

      You are going to make the trip for nothing it’s a private event.

  5. Makenzie

    How can you get one really would like to go

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