Disney Fantasy cruise ship to feature Muppets interactive game ‘The Case of the Stolen Show’ utilizing Enchanted Art

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Following the success of “The Muppets” on the big screen, Disney has announced a new interactive game featuring the Muppets will debut aboard their Disney Fantasy cruise ship when it launches next year.

The adventure game will be called “The Case of the Stolen Show” offering guests a ship wide quest “to help the Muppets find their missing props so they can take the stage for a big performance.”

Like the Disney Dream‘s Midship Detective Agency, The Case of the Stolen Show will utilize maps and game cards held up in front of pieces of Enchanted Art to help guests discover clues to the mystery.

The game will incorporate more than a dozen pieces of Enchanted Art and will feature a cast of more than 20 Muppets, including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal, preparing to stage a performance. But, as the story goes, Kermit’s banjo is found to be missing, Fozzie’s squirting flower has vanished, Gonzo’s crash helmet has gone astray, Animal’s drum sticks have disappeared and the Swedish Chef can’t find his cleaver. So Pepe the King Prawn takes on detective duties to help the Muppets find their missing props, with Kermit ultimately enlisting the help of guests to get the job done. A Muppets message board and a Muppet-sized stateroom door will offer clues.

The game is designed for guests ages nine and older and will feature several possible endings and multiple randomized events, offering different gameplay each time.

When Enchanted Art premiered on the Disney Dream earlier this year, guests were treated to seemingly normal paintings that would “come to life” around the ship when they passed by. These elements will be brought to the Disney Fantasy as well, with the promise of the newly-announced Muppets adventure game being one of several features associated with the artwork.

Examples of Enchanted Art new to the Disney Fantasy:

  • Dual circus art posters featuring Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse flying from one frame into the other – a nod to the Disney Fantasy stern characters.
  • Walt Disney animating three new clips that spring from his sketch pad featuring the “Fab Five” (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto).
  • Scenes from Disney’s classic animated film “Fantasia” depicting dancing fairies set to “Nutcracker Suite” and a frolicking unicorn and satyr set to “The Pastoral Symphony.”
  • Fanciful animations of “Alice in Wonderland” inspired by Disney Legend Mary Blair’s artwork.
  • “Pinkie Daisy” inspired by Thomas Lawrence’s painting “Sarah Barrett Moulton: Pinkie.”

  • And Disney has revealed a new preview video of “Pinkie Daisy” in action:

    On land, Disney is preparing the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game at Walt Disney World, which will also feature interactive screens and other elements, triggered by cards.

    The video below offers a look at a variety of Enchanted Art found on the Disney Dream ship, to give an idea of what’s to come for the Disney Fantasy when it makes its maiden voyage in March 2012.

    Video: Enchanted Art aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship

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