Anthony Daniels, C-3PO himself, talks Disney’s Star Tours 2 details including randomized scenes and entertaining pre-show video

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As its opening date draws closer, details surrounding Disney’s upcoming Star Tours: The Adventure Continue are becoming clearer. We now know where in the Star Wars universe we’ll be going and that C-3PO will be taking us there, with the experience changing for each ride. In fact, the man behind C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, will even be at the ride’s grand (re)opening on May 20, 2011 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Given C-3PO’s, er Daniels’, involvement in the new version of the classic Disney attraction, it should be no surprise that it’s Daniels who recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times about what guests can expect to see when they ride Star Tours 2 for the first time.

Among tales of how Daniels was told about C-3PO’s bigger role in the new attraction, he emphasized in the interview that the ride’s new pre-show video is one to pay attention to.

“I won’t tell you why, but all I’m going to say is when you’re in your loading position about to get on the Starspeeder 2000, just watch the monitors. Please pay close attention. There’s a lot of footage there that we spent months creating and this whole storyline is going on, so don’t miss it because you’re looking at the floor. The pre-show is something you’ll want to enjoy before you reach the cabin. And then when you’re inside, of course, and the doors close and you have your seatbelt on, you’re off on the adventures of a lifetime.”

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO on set while shooting the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue pre-show

According to the article, each ride aboard the new Star Tours will feature “three acts,” each of which has multiple possibilities for what takes place. In all, Daniels says there will be 54 different combinations of scenes that riders can potentially see, making the ride different almost every time. He likens it to a “slot machine effect.”

But all has not yet been revealed for Star Tours 2. Daniels explains:

“There are things they have not told you — and I’m not going to tell you those — but there are experiences that are unique to this ride. There are things that they’ve done, things that I don’t believe have been done before and certainly not in this way. You are going to be knocked out. Look, I don’t get paid any more money for being nice about it. I’ve already been paid. And I can tell you this: I adore it. I can’t wait to get on the ride and see it myself and, well, see myself.”

Read the rest of the interview with Anthony Daniels at the Los Angeles Time web site.

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