ParkSpotting at Epcot – February 12, 2011: A Wider View Of The World

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I set out to get some exercise at Epcot and along the way snapped some unique photos for another ParkSpotting adventure, from Saturday, February 12, 2011.

For this adventure, I decided to bring along my GoPro HD Hero to grab some fun, wide-angle photos around Epcot. The camera has no screen or viewfinder on it, so it takes practice to get shots framed just right without knowing exactly what will be in them. But I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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Spaceship Earth and fountain
My first goal was to get Spaceship Earth and the fountain in front of it into one wide-angle frame at the same time. I cut off a bit of the fountain’s front, but I think the picture still turned out well.
Spaceship Earth and fountain
Bringing the camera closer to the fountain and tilting it up resulted in a unique angle.

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Flowers and Imagination
The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is coming up soon, but there are always colorful flowers to be found throughout the park-like these, near the Imagination pavilion.
Flowers and Spaceship Earth
More flowers sit in a large bed between Future World and World Showcase. These will likely soon be home to a large Flower and Garden Festival display, but I kind of like them like this.
I began a lap around the World Showcase in Mexico. I was hoping to frame the sign’s light “on top” of the pyramid structure as if it was a hat… but it didn’t quite work out. It’s tough without a screen on the camera, but the photo is still a good one.
Mickey balloon in Mexico
Nearby, a red Mickey balloon caught my eye, spinning in the breeze. I waited until it posed for me just right to get this picture.
The wide-angle lens is great for capturing an open area like the entrance to Maelstrom and surrounding shops in Norway.
The camera’s curved lens adds a bizarre sense of scale to this photo of the China pavilion. It makes the foreground arch structure look huge and the pagoda in the background looks so tiny.
Coke in Africa Coolpost
Sometimes a wide-angle lens can make a place appear to be far more interesting and inviting than it really is. This “Africa Cool place” (or whatever it’s called today) is only home to a counter service refreshment stand, a bunch of loud drums, and some merchandise. And yet this photo makes me want to be there.
Coke machine in Africa Coolpost
Likewise, this section of the same area just seems more interesting when shot this way.
Snow White in Germany
As I approached Germany, Snow White was meeting and greeting her fans. I would have gotten a better picture of her, but she left right after I arrived.  This is an instance where the GoPro camera does not work out well, as I was standing fairly close to this group, but the wide-angle lens makes it appear that I was standing much further away and makes it tough to see the subject.
Inside Germany, I took another picture that I hoped would encompass the whole area in one frame. It’s not quite as expansive as I wanted, but still not bad.
I’m not a big fan of this all-female act in Italy. It seems to emphasize the ‘loud and obnoxious’ Italian stereotype. Kids seem to enjoy it though.
Italy statue
It’s not the real Trevi Fountain, but it’s still a wonderful piece of artwork. And its large scale translates well in this photo.
Fife and Drum Corps in The American Adventure
The Fife and Drum Corps in The American Adventure is a talented bunch that makes all onlookers feel patriotic.
Fife and Drum Corps in The American Adventure
Here’s another shot of the Fife and Drum Corp from closer to the ground. I think I like the photo above better.
Aladdin, Jasmine, and a Jasmine fan in Morocco
Over in Morocco, Aladdin and Jasmine were greeting guests. I got in line behind a girl dressed as Jasmine, overhearing a conversation with her mom about how much she loves the Disney Princess. (Obviously…) They took quite a few photos together and the pair quizzed the girl on her knowledge of obscure Aladdin character names. Definitely a magical moment.
In Canada, I used this funny-faced totem pole to frame two photos. This one is the first, placing the pavilion on the left.
And here’s the second, and the better of the two, placing the Canadian landscaping on the right.
Captain EO merchandise
Back in Future World, I stopped by the Imagination area to pick up the Hooter and Fuzzball plushes from Captain EO. I love how the wide-angle lens was able to capture this entire cart in one shot from such a close distance.  There’s also something about wide-angle photos that makes merchandise look even more desirable.
Fountain of Nations
As I left Epcot, I overheard the Fountain of Nations putting on a performance, so I snapped this quick photo while walking by.
Spaceship Earth and Leave a Legacy
As I exited, I used the Leave a Legacy stone to frame the bottom of Spaceship Earth. What I didn’t notice until after I shot the photo was that the Jasmine girl from earlier, clear across the park, had snuck into the shot, just barely, on the right side.

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And that was the end of my trip around Epcot for the day.  I learned a lot about taking pictures with the GoPro HD Hero, especially when and when not to use it.  I’ll definitely continue to experiment with it (and other new equipment) during my ongoing theme park adventures.

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