Comments for ParkSpotting at Epcot – February 12, 2011: A Wider View Of The World


  1. Wow!! These are amazing photos!!

  2. joshdarkensins

    putting that wide angle lens to good use 😉 … I love to see Epcot sooo empty its always so busy when i go to disney world =( i need to go some time during a down time.

  3. Tryg

    Really loving the update.

    Keep up the awesome job!

  4. Doug Weaver

    Thanks so much, Ricky!
    Wide-angle lenses definitely provide a unique perspective on familiar sites.

  5. Scott B

    Dude, these pics are sooooo good. Amazing work Ricky. Such a unique view all around. I only wish these photos were formatted for wallpaper because I would love to have some of these as my work computer background to help get me through the day. Haha.

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