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  1. Catherinec

    I love these they are ASWSOME!!!!!!!

  2. Catherine


  3. Noah

    Both of these figures are incredible! You said that Cogsworth will soon be on; Lumiere is currently sold out on the site. Do you know how long it takes Disney to re-stock? Or was the figure limited time? (I see it on Amazon, but the price was increased.) Thanks so much, love these both!

  4. Haley

    I would like to purchase this clock for a special Christmas gift. I have been trying to call three different guest service phone numbers, all in which are busy all day long (including the number provided here). PLEASE reach out to me! thank you

    1. Sarah

      Hi, I was having the exact same issue. I got through once and didn’t get the busy signal, only was on hold for 20 min when I still hadn’t talked to a real person and hung up. Good news though! I downloaded the Disney parks shopping app and was able to purchase it through there for the same price! Shipping is free but if you want it by Christmas like I did I had to pay $15 for 3 days expedited shipping. Not bad though, still cheaper than amazon/eBay current prices

  5. Julie

    Any idea when we can expect Mrs. Potts???

    1. JPM

      She has now been released! Waiting for Inside The Magic’s write-up!!!!

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