Comments for Hasbro’s takeover of the $500 million Disney Princess doll industry from Mattel will introduce a new era of Disney Princesses


  1. Beth

    Is it just me or do these dolls look like a Princess version of Brats dolls?! Do not like them and will not buy them for my Grand daughter. I will seek out and only buy the Mattel versions as they are much more I the likeness of the animated princess that Walt Disney drew and illustrated.

    1. Emile

      Nah. “Princess version of Brats dolls” is a really big exaggeration.

    2. Lauren

      I agree completely. I do not like them at all. Disgusting.

    3. Jennifer Vicente

      I agree they don’t look right their heads are too big and not proportional.

  2. Ashley

    Switching over like that is a bad move for Disney, they look cheap and poorly made I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose money on this one

  3. Kim

    I don’t much like these either!

  4. Sevros girl

    I like them! Hasbro made the descendants dolls for Disney and they are much nicer than the Mattel dolls. The arms and legs are sturdier and the heads and hair are much nicer.

  5. Lindsey C

    Bratz dolls were my first thought as well. I will not buy these dolls. They look awful and cheap in person. Snow White especially. The head is so disproportionate.

  6. erin

    i agree! not a fan of these at all. snow white’s head looks way too big. it’s a shame because hasboro has a great message for the princesses, just poor execution.

  7. Jenn

    I like the look of these new dolls much better than the barbie knockoffs. I feel like they are truer to the characters. I would think that little girls would prefer these because they actually LOOK like the Disney Princesses. However, I am not yet a parent, and I will not be buying them for myself, so I’m not the target demographic, and my opinion does not weight nearly as heavily as those mothers refusing to buy them. But when the time comes, I will be happy that these are the dolls I can buy my daughter over the Mattel ones.

    1. Danielle

      You may not be a parent yet but you hit the nail on the head. I am pretty sure little girls will obsess over these because they look like their movie counterpart. Sofia the First is a popular Disney show for little girls and the dolls they have made for her look like she does in the show. Nobody is pitching a fit over her. I think this was a smart move for Hasbro!

    2. Jenny

      I am a parent, and I love the new Hasbro dolls. With a few exceptions (looking at you Snow White), they DO look like the characters from the screen. Mattel’s line of Disney Princesses had become Barbie lookalikes in different colored dresses. All the princesses looked exactly alike! We know they do not look exactly alike in the films! I think Rapunzel is particularly well-executed by Hasbro. I am sure they will ALL improve over time! I do not like the “Bratz” line of dolls at all, but I don’t think the different proportions of these dolls make them that similar to those dolls. Bratz have a sort of tarted-up look I think—the makeup, etc. These new Harbo princesses are just not as cookie-cutter as the Mattel ones had become.

  8. Julia

    Bratz was the first thing I thought of. If my girl (barely two now) wants dolls to play with I will probably just go with good old Barbie. Can’t stand the huge heads on these.

  9. Tommy

    Should be “shelves” not “shelf’s”. Apostrophes are used for possession, not pluralization.

  10. Stef

    I like the new look. The Mattel dolls always looked entirely too skinny. While the Hasbro dolls are also skinny, the proportions and features are much more fantastical (less likely for little girls to try to look like them) and I like the softer, rounded faces which seem more childlike.

  11. AprilP

    I like the way the new dolls look. All except for the size of their heads. If you look at their teeny little shoulders and necks the heads look HUGE.

  12. Ananda

    My 7 year old said – Stop making their heads so big! And from me – They are not pretty.

  13. Allie

    These newer designs look so terrible, it’s sad. Cinderella looks awful, her head is way too large and her facial features look like they’ve been pinched tight and pulled long. The dresses are so cheap looking, what in the world is Ariel supposed to be wearing? Calling it a variation of her green dress in the parks would be a delusion.

    This fad of making dolls have tinier bodies and big, bulbous heads has already gotten tired. I was so disappointed in the Descendants dolls and now these look awful, too.

  14. Dafufpa

    Definitely a mixed bag here but I LOVE them and I will buy them when my daughter wants them! They DO look truer to the princesses in the movies. Growing up in the 90’s with Barbie every single doll ‘s face was the same even when they had the princess dolls from the movies, just switching up hair color, clothes, and makeup paint. These new dolls look great, different from each other, you can see the biggest difference in the Anna and Elsa dolls. As for a princess version of Brats dolls, maybe with a bigger head but in terms of body these dolls aren’t twigs and they ARE wearing clothes!

  15. Andrea

    Ariel, Cinderella, and Bell’s new design does not look like them. Mareida works . The original designs were much better. I wont buy the new look for my daughter , or anyone else.

    1. Andrea

      I will add the Snow White is the only one shown that looks better than the Mattel version.

  16. We agree-animated versions are connected to characters they were designed to represent! Changing it’s a mistake!

  17. We agree-animated characters best-change is a mistake!

  18. Brad

    Showed my 8 year old and she said “yuck the heads are too oval!”. I told her all the dolls are changing and she wants to get the old dolls before they aren’t available anymore!

  19. Charles

    The new dolls are way better than the Barbienized Disney dolls by Mattel. The softer and rounded faces are more animation-like. The heads may be a bit bigger, but they do look like the animation. The Bratz dolls are highly sexualized. Do not even compare them to these dolls. The similarity begins and ends with the size of the head.

  20. Marsha Smith

    I think you need to add individual male princes and characters to your cause. My granddaughter would like to have front-end Kristofferson but he currently only comes in a duo pack. She already has Elsa so we need Kristofferson.

  21. I think they are beautiful, but having trouble finding Repunzel and Aurora, can you tell me who else beside Target has them please ?

  22. I think they are beautiful, but I am having trouble finding Aurora and Repunzel can you please tell me who else besides Target stock them ?

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