Our favorite pieces from the Ethan Allen x Disney furniture collection

Current Price: $124 - $1,999

In 2016, the Ethan Allen furniture company launched an Ethan Allen x Disney collection with whimsical home decor items. The collection is still going strong, and we’re sharing some of our favorite pieces to help add some Disney magic to each room in your house.

I See Minnie Mouse Rug

Ethan Allen x Disney

This cute and cozy rug adds a Minnie-inspired accent to the room. Available in Mickey’s Ear Black or a pretty Petal pink color, this rug is hand-tufted from 100% New Zealand wool. Minnie’s iconic polka dot bow gives this minimalist rug an eye-catching detail. The full price is $299, but it’s currently on sale for $149.

Bravo Chair, Mr. Mouse

This piece is a showstopper for your living room or home office. The full price $1,749, but on sale for $1,389 this chair features mid-century modern style with allover Mickey Mouse silhouettes. In addition to being comfy, the chair offers practicality with stain-resistant fabric.

Mickey Mouse Ottoman

This Mickey Mouse Ottoman can be as playful or classic as you like with a variety of fabric options, including one with polka dots and Mickey icons. The piece can be used as a coffee table or extra seating and includes optional diamond tufting. Prices range from $619 – $919.

Mickey Mouse Club Chair and a Half

This supersized club chair is ideal for cuddling up with your favorite Disney fan. The chair comes with three 24 x 24 welt pillows and features stain resistant fabric. The price is a bit steep, starting at $2,049 (but on sale for $1,629), but it’s definitely one of the most eye-catching pieces in the collection and it’s available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

It All Started With a Mouse Table

Inspired by the Hidden Mickeys in Disney Parks, Ethan Allen designed this trio of oak nesting tables. When not in use, the small tables, which form Mickey’s ears, fit neatly under the large table. Let the small tables peek out, and you’ve got a Mickey icon right in your living room! Available in Toffee or Pepper black, this table is currently on sale for $999 (full price $1,529).

Mickey Mouse Shorts IV

Ethan Allen x Disney

With a design inspired by the “Mickey Mouse” shorts, this framed print is included in a 4-part Mickey Mouse art series from Ethan Allen. This one is our favorite from the series, but you can purchase all four to hang together as well. The piece includes a giclée print on archival paper with a contemporary wood frame. The full price is $199, but it’s currently on sale for $124.

Neverland Bombé Chest and Changing Topper

The perfect Mickey Mouse-inspired decor for your baby’s room, this take on the classic bombé chest features three drawers, Mickey icon hardware, and it comes with the Hyperion changing topper. Available in Snow or Mouse Grey, this chest is currently on sale for $818 (full price $2,038).

Comic Strip Duvet Cover and Sham

Give your room a retro feel with this Comic Strip Duvet Cover and Sham. Made in Italy from 100% cotton, this set is printed on both sides and machine washable. All Ethan Allen x Disney bedding and pillows are designed to coordinate, so you can start with this duvet cover and sham and mix and match with other items from the collection. Prices for this set range from $59 – $229.

To shop the full Ethan Allen x Disney collection, head over to the Ethan Allen website.

Current Price: $124 - $1,999


  1. Quiana Henry

    I so need and like this. Im a BIG Mickey Mouse Fan.


  3. Jade

    Where can I get these from love them massive Disney fan

    1. Jamie

      You can purchase any of the Disney furniture at your closest Ethan Allen furniture store or order it online at

  4. manhattan

    Big fan. Love a few pieces. Would look ideal in my black, red, gray family room.
    But the prices are exorbitant.

  5. Anita

    Cute stuff, but the prices are ridiculous!!!

  6. Jeanette

    OMG!!!! I absolutely love it!! I need those chairs!! I I love love Mickey and I absolutely must have those chairs!!!!!

  7. Holly

    Where is the Winnie the Pooh furniture?

  8. Tiffany Wilderotter

    Feel free to donate some of these pieces to my Mickey/Minnie themed 2nd grade classroom! LOVE. <3

  9. Love some of the pieces but the prices are for the rich — as is most things connected to Disney;
    I do not think this is what Walt had in mind!! In his own words ” a place for families to go and be together”– the people have put his legacy to shame for the average person!!!!

    1. Kristie

      I agree, the prices are outrageous. I love the pieces and would love to have them in my home office but there is no way I can afford those prices. It is sad that Disney merchandise has become so over priced for the normal family. My 3 year old son loves Mickey but I have to say no so often to things that I’m afraid the Magic of Disney is wearing off.

      1. Rose

        Love me some Mickey but not sure at that price. Sad because they could sell so much more at a better price

  10. Love it…huge Disney fan

  11. Well done… I can’t wait to visit your store in Short Pump, VA. I love the high end look and I am sure the quality will be unbelievable.

    I even loved EA when I was a young kid because I loved the store in Roanoke, VA when my parents shopped. The little rooms were so beautiful. It seemed like the store was a huge doll house.

  12. Debbie

    Amazing! LOVE IT ALL! Just wish I could AFFORD it all. 🙂

  13. Lisa

    I LOVE disney, my whole house is Disney, but it is a little over priced. Wish I can have 2 of the chairs, maybe one day when I hit the lottery

  14. Lloyd

    Talked to local Ethan Allen dealer who told me that when they first release them into the stores there will be an introductory discount ( I believe 40%) for the first piece followed by a 30% discount on additional pieces. Maybe too good to be true but that’s what I heard. I don’t know if the D23 prices are suggested retail or that referenced discounted prices.

  15. karen murphy

    are these products made here in the united states of America that’s very important to me ?

  16. karen murphy

    I have commented already about where these products are made no one has commented back yet so I will assume they r not made in the USA and I will not buy them !!!!!

  17. I would love to add this bold piece of furniture to my beautiful bedroom. ( Mickey mouse high back chair.) Please notify me if this is still available.

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