Pixar Vice President Shares Worrying Update on Company’s Future Plans, “F***”

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A Disney executive shared a troubling update regarding an upcoming film.

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A new report from Bloomberg reveals Pixar is going back to the drawing board, quite literally, with the company looking through previous films for inspiration. According to multiple Pixar executives, the company is currently planning to revive several past franchises following its somewhat disastrous recent releases like 2021’s Luca and 2022’s Lightyear, both of which failed to resonate with audiences and critics the same way movies like Finding Nemo did back in 2003.

Not only were these two films somewhat forgotten in the Pixar “canon,” but they also failed to generate excitement at the box office, with Lightyear being one of the biggest bombs Pixar had seen.

As a result, Pixar is looking to older franchises like Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, with sequels to both reportedly in the works.

Per Bloomberg, “Every hit of yesterday is being considered for a reboot, with Finding Nemo and The Incredibles regarded as particularly strong candidates for new titles.” Jim Morris, president of Pixar, said the company aims to make three movies every two years, “with every other title a sequel or spinoff and the rest standalone concepts or potential seeds for the new franchise.”

While Disney and Pixar both have a rich history when it comes to creating detailed and story-rich animated worlds, few franchises match the spectacular nature of The Incredibles. 

However, in addition to these comments, Senior Vice President of Development at Pixar Lindsey Collins shared an update regarding a potential Incredibles 3, revealing that the idea was not popular among her own children.

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Collins says she mentioned the possibility of another Incredibles film to her son, which was met with a disappointing response. “The other day, I was like, ‘What if I told you we were making an ‘INCREDIBLES 3? And he was like ‘Money grab.’ And I was like, ‘F***.”

While many fans may have the same reaction, it’s hard to deny just how popular and beloved Pixar’s Incredibles franchise truly is. The original 2004 film managed to become one of the highest-rated movies, not just from Pixar but of all time. It delivered a satisfying family drama as well as intense superhero action, all of which was represented with some of the best 3D animation ever put to screen (at the time).

In 2018, The Incredibles got a sequel, with audiences falling in love with the Parr family all over again. There’s certainly room for a third film in the franchise, but another sequel would mark a big shift for the company, with Pixar’s Toy Story franchise being the only series to get more than one sequel.

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This summer marks a big year for both Disney and Pixar, with several blockbusters set to release. This June, Pixar will release the highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s Inside Out, continuing where the original left off and allowing audiences to watch as Riley grows up and develops newer, tricker emotions.

In Inside Out 2, Riley starts going to a new school, meets new friends, and faces a variety of new emotions, like Anxiety and embarrassment. Several exciting up-and-coming Hollywood stars join the already-star-studded cast, with Maya Hawke playing Anxiety and Ayo Edebiri playing Envy.

Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe continues in July with Deadpool & Wolverine, which pairs Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine for the first time.

Not much is known about the film aside from the fact that Deadpool & Wolverine will fundamentally alter the MCU as fans know it. The film is also expected to feature a variety of cameos from previous Marvel stars, especially Hollywood icons like Halle Berry, who made her Marvel debut as the popular X-Men character Storm.

What upcoming Disney movie are you most excited about?

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