Woman Performs Vile, Disgusting Act on Disney World Ride

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A woman covers her mouth with one hand and holds her stomach with the other, appearing to be unwell. Beside her, a vibrant image shows a picturesque Disney castle against a blue sky with fluffy clouds, suggesting a fairy-tale or theme park setting.

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A woman was caught on video performing what many call a vile and disgusting stunt while standing in line for a popular and newer Disney World attraction. Let’s see what she did to make so many people angry.

Guests walking in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom behind Cinderella Castle
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Woman Performs Vile and Disgusting Stunt at Disney World, Gets Caught on Video, Goes Viral

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a steel roller coaster crafted by the renowned manufacturer Vekoma and located in the Fantasyland sections of both the Magic Kingdom and Shanghai Disneyland Park. The Magic Kingdom iteration debuted on May 28, 2014, as a critical component of the New Fantasyland expansion, particularly within the Enchanted Forest section.

The attraction boasts a beautiful fairytale-type atmosphere as you wait in line to board the coaster trains. As you stand there, you walk through diamonds in the rough, water features around, and so much more. It’s a fun experience for you and your family – unless you see someone do what this woman on TikTok did. Yikes. Spoiler alert: don’t be her, kids.

Bruh what are we doing here????

@GeoZaroff on X

A TikTok user named @jaimeleeogle captured a woman filling up her bottle of water while standing in line at one of the water features where thousands of guests put their hands, children play with, and more.

The stunt was captured and shared to various social media platforms, including X, where @GeoZaroff could post and share it, earning some interesting reactions from the Disney World fanbase. Most guests were appalled at what this woman did as the water she used was most likely tampered with and unclean for folks to drink.

Those people 3 hours later

@iamcg83 on X

The amount of people that have touched that water, rinsed parts of their body in that water, and even spit in that water…
height requirement for seven dwarfs mine train
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Why Could This Be Potentially Dangerous for Guests?

Drinking water not from a fountain while waiting in line for a ride at Disney World could pose several dangers. Water from non-designated sources could be contaminated with harmful bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens that can cause gastroenteritis or more severe infections. In the Florida heat, it’s easy for guests to become dehydrated.

While waiting in line, guests might opt for water from an unreliable source out of desperation, increasing their risk of consuming unsafe water. Water fountains and designated water sources in Disney World are maintained to meet health and safety standards. Drinking from non-designated sources may expose guests to poorly sanitized water.

Using personal bottles that have been improperly cleaned can also lead to the ingestion of germs. Without proper sanitation, these containers can harbor bacteria that multiply in the warm Florida climate. Substances or chemicals in the non-designated water could also be unsafe for consumption.

A statue of a man and a mouse stands in a garden near a castle, with clear blue skies overhead. A sign nearby reads "CAUTION! EXTREME HEAT DANGER," indicating potential weather hazards in the area. The scene has that magical Disney theme park charm.
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This could include anything from naturally occurring pollutants to chemicals used in park maintenance. To ensure the water is clean and safe, it’s always safest to drink from trusted and designated water sources, such as water fountains, refill stations, or bottled water purchased from park vendors.

While drinking water from non-designated sources at Disney World is not likely to result in direct punitive actions from park authorities, it can still lead to complications and consequences, both for the guest and the park.

Disney World prioritizes the health and safety of its guests. If a guest is seen drinking from an unsafe or non-designated source, park staff may intervene to prevent potential health risks. Disney World must comply with health regulations and guidelines.

In extreme cases, if a guest’s actions pose a significant health risk or are repeatedly found violating park rules, they could be asked to leave the park. Park staff might take the opportunity to educate guests about the importance of using designated water sources and the potential risks associated with drinking from unknown or non-designated sources.

In summary, while drinking water from non-designated sources is not likely to get a guest into trouble with Disney World parks in a punitive sense, it can lead to interventions, warnings, and potential health risks that both the guest and the park would prefer to avoid.

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