Disney World Replaces Attraction With Brand New George W. Bush Experience

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Left side: A monorail travels over water near futuristic buildings and colorful flower beds under a clear blue sky. Right side: A close-up portrait of a smiling man with graying hair in a suit, resembling the Disney President, against a background featuring part of an American flag.

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Disney has opened a brand new presidential attraction.

American Adventure at EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort, where the incident occurred
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A new gallery featuring paintings by former President George W. Bush has debuted at the Walt Disney World Resort. The exhibit is located inside the American Adventure Pavilion in the World Showcase at EPCOT.

Disney announced this new exhibit, titled “Portraits of Courage,” earlier this year, revealing guests would soon be able to enjoy original artwork created and curated by former President George W. Bush during their vacations.

American history is a very important piece of the Walt Disney World puzzle, with Walt Disney himself being fascinated by the country and its leaders. This is why visitors will find attractions like The Hall of Presidents and The American Adventure inside the parks alongside thrill rides like Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

The American Heritage Gallery is another space dedicated to teaching guests about American history and its leaders, and its location is now home to this new George W. Bush exhibit.

An artist stands at a work table in front of a painting featuring several portraits of different people. The artist is focused on mixing paints on a palette, with brushes and paint tubes scattered around. Other portraits and art supplies are visible in the well-lit room.
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“Portraits of Courage” is a collection of 60 oil paintings by former President Bush, all of which depict U.S. veterans and other service members in military uniforms. This exhibit “will be featured as part of Disney’s enduring admiration for those who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and veterans,” says Disney.

This exhibit is new for Walt Disney World but debuted at the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the SMU campus in Texas in 2017.

“We are thrilled Portraits of Courage will be on display for EPCOT visitors to experience this year,” said Ken Hersh, President and CEO of the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

“My hope is that those who have the opportunity to see this special exhibit will also remember the leadership, service, and sacrifice behind each of the heroes painted and the unique challenges our service members and their families face when transitioning out of the military.”

A dimly lit gallery features multiple portraits hung on green walls. One wall showcases a 4x4 grid of colorful, expressive portraits, each with unique subjects. Additional framed paintings hang on the adjacent wall to the left, with a small plaque visible between them.
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“Portraits of Courage” is expected to be run for a full year at EPCOT.

As stated earlier, Walt Disney World is home to several America-centric attractions, most notably The Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom. This riveting 45-minute show sheds light on the country’s biggest challenges and most rewarding triumphs and is capped off by a showcase of dozens of animatronics representing each president serving America.

The Hall of Presidents is updated each election cycle, with President Joe Biden being the most recent addition the the attraction.

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