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  1. Kathy

    People should be able to watch what they want. Including Twilight Saga.

  2. Bill Smith

    What’s next Nightmare before Christmas because it’s spirits?

    1. Kaye

      Don’t forget the child in the devil costume.

      1. Spellwell

        Who cares it’s just a costume, and I say just deal with it.

      2. Danielle

        These snowflakes are getting ridiculous growing up we had pepe le pew road runner and wile e coyote and no one got offended because of a cartoon. If you don’t like what movies are on the platform don’t watch it. It’s just that simple. Grow up and get a life and stop ruining people’s childhood memories

    2. Jessica

      This is getting sooo ridiculous

  3. Cammy Darling

    I don’t think we need to be censored and told what we can and cannot watch, nor what a network that has no religious affiliation is allowed to add to it’s content roster. If these films or shows are not for you, skip over them. But don’t try to tell anyone else what they must do. Think for yourself and I’ll do the same.

    1. Danny


      Exactly what I’m thinking.

      Disney isn’t a religion. Therefore, it doesn’t need to adhere to “bible law” (removing any conflicts with what the bible says).

      1. JQS

        Fr, and they gotta learn what subliminal means lol

    2. Joe

      Very much agree with you.

    3. Mike

      It’s funny they complain about a vampire movie or I love Satan but nothing’s been said about the Simpsons and a few others on there. People need to stop complaining about streaming services and start dealing with all the bad things going on under the religious roof

      1. John


      2. Marli


  4. Sierra Wilson

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I am furious I can not watch Twilight on Disney+. I just went to have a movie binge night and it had been removed. I believe we should be able to watch what we want where we want. Disney has so many movies and shows for a wide range of viewers. This movie is not demonic.

  5. Selina

    Its just a show its make believe why try telling people what to watch and not to watch that’s so dumb

  6. Charity

    This isngetting ridiculous. Everywhere we turn, we’re being told we can’t do this, we can’t do that. If youndint like what you see or hear ignore or scroll past it. Not everyone will agree with everything. People have the right to disagree but shouldn’t be given the right to push their wants and desired on others. As for the Twilight Saga, yes there are issues with it but I enjoy both the movies and the books because it gives me a break from the “real world” crap. Do I agree with everything in the show, absolutely not, but I have the right to enjoy watching this series and anything else I desire just as others have the right to keep scrolling.

    Disney+ and other platforms are there to provide options and reach ad many viewers as possible. By limiting their selection they could most likely lose even more viewers than by keeping the “unwanted” programs. This is a lose lose situation… not only would they lose viewers and money, but the viewers would lose access to things they enjoy. We all de-stress in different ways.

    1. Mo

      Thank you

  7. Charity

    We all de-stress in different ways. While people don’t agree we all have the same rights…those who don’t like what they see or hear can keep scrolling or ignore while those who enjoy it can continue to have access. Don’t tell me what I can do, watch, read, or listen to and I won’t tell you how to live

  8. C C

    These so called Christians need to stop trying to indoctrinate people and force their views on everyone! Religion is a personal and private matter that should stay between the person, their congregation, and God. I am sick to death of this antiquated idealism! Keep your religion away from me, out of my home, out of my bedroom, and out of my viewing pleasures! Most of you are closet pervs anyway!

  9. Kristi

    Do yourself a favor and mind your own business. If you don’t like it don’t watch it but don’t tell me what I can and can’t watch. IT’S FICTION.. IT’S AN ESCAPE…grow up.

  10. Chelle

    Vampires are the least of their worries. Disney hasn’t had any integrity since they started trying to brainwash our kids with the help of the alphabet mafia. Sorry more about your kids sanity than the fact they may accidentally watch a vampire procreating.

    1. Tiffany

      I agree with you 100%! I’d rather watch ANYTHING but the crap they are using to groom our children!

      1. NoName

        The only grooming going on these days is from the Christian right. Banning education, books, reproductive health, media content, etc… All in the name of your religion, to groom kids to he the way YOU want them.

      2. Spellwell

        The only worst people in history are the Christians the one’s that have been grooming and sexual raped and abuse children’s in the first place, don’t lie about the truth but Christianity do lie alot to cover up their crime against children because the You’re stupid book said so, you’re Bible is the real DEVIL!

    2. Spellwell

      Christian’s are the real brainwashed people, they’ve been brainwashed children’s for almost 4,000 year’s, stop brainwashing children’s for your Christianity beliefs

  11. Kjl562022

    There is too much censorship already in this country.
    I am a Christian, but I like many different types of movies and shows, horror, sci-fi, historical, drama, comedy, and musicals. fantasy
    I have the choice to watch what I decide to based on subject matter and reviews, even public opinion, but in the end, it is my option.
    When any person or group tries to remove or block content from the rest, that is downright wrong but throughout history, we see this all too often.
    It is up to the parents to decide what a child can watch based on how mature they are.
    For adults, it is a matter of taste and preference, our options, not some else.
    I have not seen any of the Twilight movies, but have often heard about them positively; will I turn into a vampire if I watch them, I don’t think so.

  12. Jack

    Clearly none of these complainers have watched Deadpool 1 or 2 or even Logan. All 3 are rated R filled with violence and foul language ( which I have no problem with). Hopefully these movies aren’t targeted next.

    1. Mo

      Watch out! You may have just given them their next idea. Lol!

  13. Kaye

    I’ve read and watched the Twilight Saga. I never once went “I wish I was a vampire”
    Children are exposed to worse on YouTube or social media. Even just the internet in general.
    Also why should one religion dictate what we can and cannot watch.

    1. Spellwell

      It’s our choice and it’s the children’s choice to do and watch whatever they wanted, can’t force them can’t do or can’t watch because it makes them popular with us.

  14. Andrew

    How soon till Wreck it Ralph gets cancelled. I mean in the villain support group he does say, “thank you, Satan.” to a devil character. LMAO People are frickin stupid.

  15. Debra

    Wtf is the matter with people?! You don’t like the Twilight movies? Cool, keep scrolling until you find something you do like. Also, for the ones who say it may lead kids to do whatever…it’s called parental controls for a reason! I swear, we’re surrounded by f***ing morons 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Brittany

      I agree. I don’t like how some people try to force you to live like them. My parents are very dedicated Christians but let you live your own life. They dont force it. I wish everyone was like them

  16. Ricky

    Oh so vampires and warewolves from a fictional movie aren’t equal to the fairytales and miraculous resurrection in the book everyone loves to use as a weapon but they’ve never read it.

  17. Michael

    Not only is this ridiculous but Disney has Disney + which is bundled with Hulu where the Twilight films are on its not directly on Disney +, so there is no reason to get rid of it due to other people’s ignorance. So don’t go ruining things for other people when you can just not watch it.

  18. Katy

    It’s simple, don’t watch Twilight. As to exposing children, it’s called parenting and watching what your child watches.

  19. Brittany

    Next they will censor everything except songs and media talking about how great jesus is.
    Note: not all Christians just the ones who try to do stuff like this.

  20. I would like to say that the twilight books were better then the movies but I would never move to remove them from a streaming system just because I don’t like it. Sorry to say but if you don’t like DONT WATCH IT!! PLACE NOT FOR ME!! LEAVE IT FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD TO ENJOY. DISNEY NEEDS TO STOP TRYING TO CONTROL EVERYTHING AS DOES THE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY!! ACT YOUR AGE AND NOT LIKE WHINEY CHILDREN!!! it’s pathetic that you all behave in such a way and disgusting to think you are part of the human genom get over yourselves and leave the movies alone for those that enjoy it. Go enjoy you bible thumping crap on your streaming channels🤪

  21. Gaiil

    Twilight may not be what some like, but it is harmless and does not have a demonic message. It is a sappy teenagers love story with a twist. Do all supernatural characters have to disappear? Please understand we are not all the same, nor do we all like the same things.

    1. Michael

      Oh for God’s sake, Stephanie Meyer is a very devout Mormon, there is no way she wrote something demonic. There are a lot of other reasons to criticize the books and movies, like the incredibly unhealthy relationships portrayed as being positives, but being demonic isn’t one of those criticisms.
      Plus, even if it were demonic, people have free will, let them use it. If your faith is so weak that simply having access to a movie that you think is demonic is enough to shake it, then you don’t actually have faith.
      Personally, I think the religious freakout over everything being demonic is silly, I don’t believe in the Bible. I respect the people who do though, so long as they aren’t trying to force others to believe as they do.

  22. Gail

    Twilight may not be what some like, but it is harmless and does not have a demonic message. It is a sappy teenagers love story with a twist. Do all supernatural characters have to disappear? Please understand we are not all the same, nor do we all like the same things.

  23. Jon

    They should keep it because millions around the world watch them and they are a staple to a lot of people’s childhood

  24. Erica

    A Christian (or any other religious person at that matter) pushing their beliefs onto us by telling us what we can and can’t watch, do, listen to and as well as anything else you can think of, is just like an atheist pushing their views about God onto any religious person out there. They aren’t going to want to hear it, or believe it, or even like that someone else is trying to push their views onto them. So why are Christians and other religious folks pushing their views onto us? Golden Rule people: Don’t do to other what you wouldn’t want done to yourself.

    And honestly if they think a man carrying his own death bed on his shoulders, having a crown of thorns placed upon his head to where he bleeds from his head, then having his hands and feet nailed to a cross while he’s still alive, pinned up in the air and bleed out is okay. Also if the believe, women who are impregnated in the middle of the night whilst they sleep by unseen men/beings, if they believe any of this is okay, you’re insane. Breaking and entering, going all the way with a woman without her consent, killing an innocent man in the most torturous way possible, knowing he’s innocent. But religious people are fine with this. But a movie about mythological creatures with little to no blood as well as little to no violence, where the vast majority of the mythological creatures are actually good and don’t feed on humans, is wrong. A movie where the mythological creatures actually work to protect humans from the bad guys. But apparently protecting the human race is wrong in religious viewers eyes. However killing the innocent and impregnating women without their consent is okay.

  25. Je

    Are people forgetting that Disney has a settings option for each profile? Set the child’s profile to G or PG subject matter only, and there shouldn’t be a problem. Then the kids won’t see anything rated above PG. *shrug*

  26. You can’t just remove content because one group hates it. If you have a problem, there is a simple solution. Go into the settings of Disney+ and change the age range for the content you can watch on your account. THAT’S WHAT IT’S THERE FOR!. I tell ya, these ‘cancel culture’ vultures are getting out of hand.

  27. Spellwell


  28. Mary

    What’s next if we start censoring what is on streaming platforms? Are we going back to burning books because of content? It’s the same old thing just a new way of doing it.

    For those so called Christians out there, Deuteronomy 30:15-20. God wants us to choose. If it’s taken away how are we to choose for ourselves?

  29. Mariajose

    I havent read or watched Twilight, but from what I know its not explicitly satanic/occult, the vampire lore isnt based on real lore, and I dont think the author had intentions of applying occult themes. They shouldnt eliminate Twilight but rather the Owl House. That show is intentionally explicit about its demonic and occult themes, kawaii’d with wannabe anime eyed characters to make it look like regular everyday fun cartoons for all kids. No matter what religion/belief you are, the occult fucking real, theres countless evidence out there and even more keep coming in. Its nasty. Like the dangers of nature, it must be respected and kept at a far distance. Nothing funny about it. Its raw evil. Theres nothing smart or to be gained out of trivializing it or representing it.

  30. KarinaRain

    It’s CALL PARENTAL CONTROLS THERE IS A KID VERSION THAT BLOCKS CERTAIN CONTENT. That’s how my boyfriend has all his apps set up. To access his you have to put in a code and if you don’t know the code you’re not getting on it. Even our daughter has her own code for her stuff.

  31. Bridgette

    Why mess with something that won’t hurt you if you don’t like it don’t watch if you don’t want your kids to watch it tell them no put parental control on.

  32. Jeff

    Disney is dead. Sad…

  33. Ray

    If you don’t like it, scroll past and move on! They don’t have to remove it because you don’t approve of the movie content.

  34. AJ

    Looks like Disney removed it already. That is just sad. SMH

  35. Kelly

    I’m a Christian and I love those dumb movies. Guilty pleasure for me. Anything that is wrong with them has more to do with the acting than anything else. LoL

    I enjoy all kinds of genres of movies and it doesn’t affect my faith in the least. Deadpool is one of my favorite movies and it’s not exactly a tame movie. LoL

    I’m sick of these radical Christians pushing their viewpoints and making all Christian’s look like we’re intolerant nut jobs.

    Don’t like it? Don’t watch it!!

  36. Rochelle Dunlap

    Absolutely no problem with a strange man kissing an unconscious 16 year old in the middle of the woods (Snow White), her bedroom (Sleeping Beauty), a guy being a stalker (Cinderella), a young girl literally giving up her voice for a man (Little Mermaid), but Twilight is the problem??

    Then again, Christians have no problem with a 12 year old being raped and impregnated against her will, so it tracks.

  37. Rock

    I agree with almost every comment here. I don’t see them complaining about what some consider the best movie ever made. “The Wizard of Oz”. It has witches and flying monkeys that can be considered demonic. Not to mention a Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion that talk walk sing and dance.
    People are just resolved nowadays. You know what they say “opinions are like ***holes, everybody has one.

    1. TJ

      Disney started this crap by trying to make evil vile crap the thing, people don’t want it so there are untold consequences to poor decisions

  38. Rock

    That should have been ridiculous not resolved

  39. Laura

    Disney, please put a rating on certain content and allow said content to be untouchable and UNSEEN to whomever gets their knickers in a knot over it.. problem solved.

  40. Demon4hire

    Religious nuts as usual

    1. TJ

      Or just people with moral integrity and don’t want the children influenced by evil vile people!

  41. Raine

    Why not instead of demonizing shows that other people may want to watch, be mindful about what your kids watch, and ignore the show yourself?

  42. Mrsgoose

    I can’t believe this crap but they keep the Simpson on. And they teach kids bad examples. Or the lgbq shows on there I myself have nothing against them but. One could say it could make a kid think that they might be that way because their favorite character is that way. They are the parents they cab choose not to let their kids watch the movie or tv shoes. Take south park I won’t let my 10 and 8 year old watch it. I hope karma bites those people in the rear end that had them remove it.

    1. Mo

      It’s so ascenine to think that just bc u watch an LGTB character you are going to turn into one. F hilarious!!!

  43. Heidi

    It is just sad when a few religious people decide that they are in full control over what companies can put on THEIR streaming platforms. If someone doesn’t like a certain movie or show…..simply AVOID IT. Stop ruining things for those who know that these shows are NOT REAL. They are FICTIONAL. I am a christian who knows the difference between real and fake…maybe other Christians should do the same and learn that just because people watch TV shows or movies that depict certain things….it doesn’t make then Satan worshippers. If Disney has to get rid of everything that seems demonic to religious people then thye have to get rid of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen….they all have magic and evil in them.

  44. B P

    If they are concerned then monitor your children. Do punish everyone else. People need to stop being critical of everyone and everything. It’s worse to teach your children to be so judgemental. This is why they’re the me generation and in everyone’s business. If it is not illegal let people do and see what they want.

  45. JT

    So because some of the brainwashed believers of the most extravagant made up story of all time have a problem with a fantasy movie about other made up characters. Then we all have to pander to their demands. Oh please! 😡 I think religion has caused just a little more pain and suffering to children over the years than the Twilight Saga. Just maybe 🤔

  46. Jessica

    I’m Christian and I love those movies some people are just crazy please don’t remove them

  47. Amanda C

    This is ridiculous, and has been ridiculous for a long time. I’m so sick of being told what is and isn’t acceptable. Why is the Twilight series unacceptable for Disney plus, but okay for Netflix? Instead of trying to clear everything from every platform they think is unclean or demonic, why not educate your children. Or better yet, pay more attention to what your kids are watching. Disney+ is not meant to be your child’s babysitter. I’m not a fan of the Twilight movies. But people who are, should be able to watch the movies on a platform that we pay a premium for. I’m assuming these folks are worried about children watching this programming they deam “demonic”. If you don’t like the content on a platform, skip it. Dont subscribe. Disney owns half of the movies and shows we watch anyway. I’m so sick of being told I can’t watch something because it was removed due to the “sensitivity” of idiots. Grow a pair and grow up.

  48. Louie

    These are the kind of dolts that get episodes of Bluey banned. Tell them to pound sand.

  49. Phillip

    People can use their parental locks on the service so their kids are whoever doesn’t watch the stuff you want blocked don’t go voting for other people to not be able to watch something because you’re kooky about it.

  50. Wilbur

    For Pete’s sake I’m a Christian, if something offends you , theres this new thing called a remote, change the channel. With our administration down trampling on our rights, it’s not our job to decide what people watch especially you decide what you watch by turning the channel. Theres much more pressing problems Christian’s need to fighting besides what movies are on Disney? Have you seen our border? Economy? Etc. Etc.

  51. Those “parents” that want to ban everything they don’t want children exposed to need to start parenting their own children instead of demanding the world do it for them and let others parent their children as they see fit. I am sick of how lazy they are when it comes to personal responsibility.

  52. Giovanni

    Not surprised to see so many mind your own business comments,. obviously this country is full of blind idiots. Everyone is mind your own, and look at us now,.evil in schools, garbage leaders, everything is the devil is cool and God is bad, but of course get offended weak people and say I’ll watch what I want, cause we all see the put your head in the sand world well.

  53. Lorelai

    If you don’t want your kids watching a show or movie, here’s a pro parenting hack: DON’T LET THEM WATCH.

    But stop trying to dictate what everyone else watches. Your job is to parent your kids, not the whole world.

  54. Sandra Littlefield

    It’s not real people. It’ pretend. Just imagination.

  55. Nancy K

    Almost all of Disney’s movies and TV series have some element of the occult…witches, wizards, fairies, genies or magic of some sort. Sometimes these are evil and sometimes good. Should ALL of these be removed from the platform?

  56. Riki

    Or maybe be a goddamned parent and watch what your kid watches? Smh. Don’t just plop your kid down to watch something if you’re scared they’re gonna watch something you don’t like?

  57. Helga

    Disney isn’t a company based on Christian values or pure shows. If they get rid of Twilight for the vampire or demonic nature, then get rid of Buzz Lightyear for the guy kissing scene. Or get rid of the Black Cauldron, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the beast, Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White…I could go on. All of these movies have magic in them.

  58. Cm

    These are the same people that claim not to be the evil censors but the protective censors. Censorship is censorship period.

  59. Erika

    It’s so stupid that they want to remove the twilight movies from disney+ those who want it removed they need to remove their underwear that’s so far up their butt and get over themselves. Why not get rid of hocus pocus and Harry potter? What about them??

  60. BeForReal

    The extremists in any religion lack intellectual honesty. I am not for removing content because some people don’t like it or they think it’s demonic. They tried that crap about Harry Potter too.

  61. Crissy


  62. Christopher Nelson

    Get a life people and give them a break. Disney has any and all rights to post whatever movies the are in possession of. All you want is your 15 minutes of fame. The people who posted this petition are tool and I bet even hypocrites.

  63. DD

    There are plenty of movies and shows out that others like and just make me go “eh, not my thing” or “ok, why?” When I was younger, I liked the first Twilight movie, but as I got older and the rest of the series came out, I liked it less. But if others still like the series, then hey, you do you.

  64. Pete Luna

    People should be allowed to watch what they want that’s why they made parental control. Get over it

  65. MYOB

    Cancel Culture just needs to stop

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