The Things That Annoy the Disney Parks Fan in All of Us

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A futuristic-themed structure featuring colorful planetary models and a rotating observation deck stands prominent in a bustling Disney Park. Enthusiastic fans walk around the base, while trees and greenery accentuate the modern architecture.

Credit: Becky Burkett

Disney Parks has cultivated a passionate and dedicated fanbase over the decades, and it’s likely that if you’re reading this post, you count yourself among those fans, whether you tell others about it or not. (The age-old debate over “Disney Adults” can be exhausting.)

A vibrant image of a fairytale castle with tall spires, blue roofs, and intricate gothic architecture, set against a bright blue sky with radiant sunbeams.
Credit: Becky Burkett

These fans hold the magic of Disney close to their hearts, often embracing the charm of the parks, in addition to the storytelling, characters, and other elements that remind them of their childhood with unyielding loyalty.

But even the most devoted Disney Parks enthusiasts encounter certain aspects of the Disney experience that can be downright irritating. From changes to beloved attractions to issues with park management, there are several things at Disney Parks that–despite how much we love the experience–just make us want to scream.

A Never-Ending Stream of Attraction Overhauls and Closures

One of the biggest points of contention among Disney fans is the overhaul or closure of classic attractions.

While Disney strives to keep its parks fresh and exciting with new experiences, this often means saying goodbye to old favorites. The removal of rides like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Magic Kingdom, the transformation of the Maelstrom attraction into Frozen Ever After at EPCOT, and the more recent reimagining of Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has left many fans feeling nostalgic for the past.

Experience the Magic Kingdom's newest attraction: a theme park water ride where guests encounter animated characters in a lively river scene. Vibrant red rocks frame the background, while some whimsical characters appear to have crash-landed into a patch of vegetation, infusing chaos and fun into your journey.
Credit: Disney Parks

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These changes can evoke strong emotions as they alter the landscape of cherished memories and traditions.

Continual Price Hikes

The cost of experiencing Disney magic has steadily climbed over the years, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. In fact, the price of a one-day ticket to the theme parks at Disney World in Central Florida is projected to skyrocket to as high as $250 per day in just six years.

A colorful collage features various iconic Disney Parks structures with a mix of images, including Cinderella's Castle and Epcot's geodesic sphere. Dollar bills are scattered in the background with a large, central pink "$250" prominently displayed, capturing the enchantment and minor annoyances fans encounter.
Credit: Disney Dining

Ticket prices, accommodation costs, and even the price of food and merchandise within the parks continue to rise, making it more challenging for families to afford a Disney vacation. For loyal fans who visit regularly, these price hikes can be particularly frustrating, especially when–despite fans’ love for the parks–they seem to outpace the value provided by the park experience.

Never-Ending Long Lines & Massive Crowds in the Parks

One of the most universal irritations for Disney park-goers is dealing with crowds and long lines. Despite efforts to manage the flow of guests within the parks with tools like the now-defunct FastPass+ and the current Genie+ and Lightning Lane offerings, popular attractions often see wait times of an hour or more, and navigating through throngs of people can be overwhelming.

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Peak seasons, such as holidays and summer vacation time, exacerbate these issues, leading some fans to question whether the experience is worth the hassle.

Too Much Intellectual Property (IP) in Our Faces

Disney has a vast library of beloved characters and franchises, but the increasing dominance of intellectual property (IP) in the parks has sparked mixed reactions among diehard fans.

Montage of three movie characters: an elderly bearded man in a hooded robe, an animated cowboy in a hat smiling, and a man wearing a high-tech suit and holding a spear.
Credit: Lucasfilm/Pixar/Marvel

While some fans appreciate the presence of Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar-themed attractions, others feel that these newer additions overshadow the original Disney creations. The blend of classic and contemporary IPs can sometimes feel unbalanced, leaving those who might be described as “Disney purists” yearning for a return to Disney’s traditional storytelling roots.

All-the-Time Changes to Disney’s Annual Pass

Annual Passholders are among Disney’s most dedicated supporters, often visiting the parks multiple times per year.

Walt Disney World Railroad at the Magic Kingdom entrance
Credit: Brett Kiger via Flickr

As such, recent changes to the Annual Pass program, including the reduction of perks, increased blackout dates, and higher prices, have not gone unnoticed.

These adjustments ultimately undermine the loyalty of frequent visitors who feel they are being priced out or receiving less value for their investment, and this lack of loyalty has led some previous Annual Passholders to decide to skip the pass altogether, often opting for a different venue, like, say, Universal Studios Orlando . . .

Fewer Character Meet-and-Greets in the Parks

Character interactions are a cornerstone of the Disney park experience, particularly for younger visitors. But they represent the hallmark of a great Disney trip for fans of all ages.

Tiana in her Bayou Gear
Credit: @ScottGustin

In recent years, however, the reduction and modification of character meet-and-greets, whether due to logistical challenges or health concerns, has been a sore point among diehard fans. While they understand the reasons behind these changes, the absence of close-up interactions with beloved characters has diminished the enchantment that once played a vital role in their planned Disney trips.

Here’s Hoping the Magic Doesn’t Fade For Good

Whether you’re two years old or 102 years old, the Disney Parks experience is one that has long been synonymous with family fun, making memories, childhood nostalgia, and the carefree feelings of returning to our childhoods once again.

A futuristic-themed structure featuring colorful planetary models and a rotating observation deck stands prominent in a bustling Disney Park. Enthusiastic fans walk around the base, while trees and greenery accentuate the modern architecture.
Credit: Becky Burkett

And while those experiences can still be found in the parks owned by The Walt Disney Company around the world, including the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, Disneyland Paris near Chessy, France, Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disneyland, the fact that they have been diminished even slightly leaves a bad taste in the mouths of fans who have been loyal to Disney’s theme parks for years.

Are you annoyed by any of these things within the parks? What else has bothered you about your Disney Parks visits in recent years? Let us know in the comments section below.

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