Tragic Death Takes Place on ‘Stranger Things 5’ Set, Cast Left Heartbroken

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The latest death on the set of Stranger Things has left the cast unexpectedly grieving.

Stranger Things
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The Netflix series Stranger Things, created by the Duffer Brothers, has become a global phenomenon, captivating audiences and generating significant financial success for both the platform and its creators.

Set in the 1980s in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, Stranger Things delves into a world of unsettling mysteries. A group of seemingly ordinary kids – Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will – stumble upon a hidden dimension known as the Upside Down. This alternate reality, a terrifying reflection of our own world, is devoid of life and teeming with monstrous creatures.

The Hawkins National Laboratory, a government facility shrouded in secrecy, holds the key to this unsettling connection. Their experiments aimed at harnessing the Upside Down’s power unintentionally create portals, allowing these monstrous beings to cross over and threaten Hawkins.

Enter Eleven, a young girl with telekinetic and telepathic abilities. She joins forces with the boys, particularly Will, who becomes their first encounter with the Upside Down’s dangers. Using their courage, resourcefulness, and Eleven’s unique powers, this unlikely group of heroes fights to protect their town from these monstrous threats.

The Mind Flayer in Stranger Things being created
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However, the kids face more than just monstrous creatures. The government desperately tries to conceal the existence of the Upside Down and their experiments, forcing the kids to evade capture while battling the threats from both worlds.

Season 5 marks the final chapter in this thrilling saga. The core cast, including Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Natalia Dyer, Sadie Sink, David Harbour, and Winona Ryder, will return to reprise their beloved roles.

Deaths in Stranger Things

While the core group of friends in Stranger Things perseveres through numerous threats, the series doesn’t shy away from showcasing the high stakes of their battles. Several major character deaths punctuate the narrative, adding emotional weight and raising the stakes for the remaining characters. Here’s a breakdown of these significant losses:

Season 1 (1983):

  • Barb Holland: A pivotal early death, Barb serves as Nancy Wheeler’s best friend. Lured into the Upside Down by the Demogorgon, she is brutally killed, highlighting the dangers lurking beyond Hawkins. Barb’s death becomes a rallying cry for fans, emphasizing the harsh reality of the Upside Down’s threat.

Season 2 (1984):

  • Dr. Martin Brenner: Eleven’s former caretaker and the head of the Hawkins National Laboratory experiments, Dr. Brenner meets his demise when the Demogorgon he attempts to control turns on him. While not a sympathetic figure, his death signifies the consequences of scientific arrogance and the uncontrollable nature of the Upside Down’s forces.
  • Bob Newby: A fan favorite for his kindness and unwavering support for Joyce Byers, Bob sacrifices himself to buy time for Joyce and Will to escape the Demodogs at Hawkins Lab. His death emphasizes the heroism that can emerge from unexpected places.
Bob Newby (Sean Astin) talking to Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) in 'Stranger Things'
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Season 3 (1985):

  • Billy Hargrove: Initially presented as a bully, Billy undergoes a complex character arc. He ultimately sacrifices himself to save Eleven from the Mind Flayer, showcasing a moment of redemption. Billy’s death has a profound impact on his sister, Max, adding a layer of emotional complexity to future seasons.
  • Claudette Dumas and Troy Hanson: Introduced as minor characters, these teenagers become victims of the Mind Flayer’s possession, ultimately succumbing to its influence. Their deaths underscore the indiscriminate nature of the Upside Down’s threats.

Season 4 (1986):

  • Dr. Alexei: A charming and reluctant Soviet scientist working with the Mind Flayer, Dr. Alexei is gunned down by a trigger-happy soldier after revealing crucial information to Hopper and Joyce. His death serves as a tragic reminder of the human cost caught in the crossfire between scientific ambition and the fight against the Upside Down.
  • Chrissy Cunningham: Introduced in Season 4, Chrissy becomes the first victim of Vecna, the new primary antagonist. Her gruesome fate establishes the severity of Vecna’s threat and the vulnerability of Hawkins’ residents.
  • Eddie Munson: A misunderstood metalhead and leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie becomes a target for suspicion after Chrissy’s death. Despite his initial reluctance, he joins the fight against Vecna, ultimately sacrificing himself to buy time for Dustin and others to escape the Upside Down. Eddie’s death sparks controversy in Hawkins and deepens the emotional toll on Dustin.
Eddie Munson in 'Stranger Things'
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These major character deaths significantly impact the narrative of Stranger Things. They serve as constant reminders of the dangers the characters face, highlight the sacrifices made for the greater good, and add emotional depth to the series. As the final season approaches, the consequences of these losses will undoubtedly continue to shape the characters’ actions and the fate of Hawkins.

Recent On-Set Stranger Things Death

While more death is certainly expected in season 5 when the group faces Vecna (AKA Henry Creel) for the final time, there was a recent real-life death on set that the cast has had to overcome.

Fan account Stranger Things on Spain shared that Georgie the Pom has recently passed away. In the photos below, we can see multiple photos from the cast cuddling Georgie over the years.

“Georgie the Pom , one of the well-known DOGS on the SET of Stranger Things, is DEAD. REST IN PEACE”

Georgie has been on set with the cast for years, as we can see in this article from The Sun back in 2017, where Joe Keery is holding him up. Cast members from the show have not yet publicly addressed the death of Georgie, but we can see from the flood of sad replies from fans on the announcement post that it is more than just the cast that remains upset.

At the moment, Stranger Things just passed their 100th day on set for season 5, which, again, will be the final season of the show. The show is set to wrap in 2025 (previously was said to wrap in December 2024), which could mean a late 2025 debut or perhaps a 2026 debut.

Stranger Things 5: A Glimpse into the Upside Down and Will Byers’ Central Role

While details surrounding Stranger Things season 5 remain tightly under wraps, a few intriguing clues have emerged to whet fans’ appetites.

The script’s opening lines hint at a chilling atmosphere—cold wind, groaning trees, and a child’s song—setting the stage for the episode Chapter One: The Crawl. This ominous introduction aligns with the series’ signature blend of suspense and horror, suggesting viewers can expect a continuation of that thrilling formula.

he season appears poised to delve deeper into Will Byers’ character. Given his unique connection to the Upside Down, his role as a “lynchpin” between the two worlds is likely to be further explored.

Season 4 saw a limited presence for Will, with the focus on Eleven and Vecna. However, the revelation of Will’s sexuality and his renewed connection to the Mind Flayer at the season’s end suggests a more prominent role for him in season 5.

'Stranger Things' characters looking up at the sky in the Season 4 finale
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Series creators, the Duffer brothers, have confirmed this, stating that Will will be “what ties the whole series together.” This expanded role promises to explore not only Will’s evolving identity but also his journey into young adulthood.

While Will’s character arc has been underdeveloped in previous seasons, the Duffers acknowledge this and plan to rectify it. Season 5 will not just explore Will’s sexuality but also showcase his “coming into his own as a young man.”

This shift aims to compensate for the past seasons where Will served primarily as a marker of the other characters’ growth while experiencing minimal development himself. Noah Schnapp’s exceptional talent has been underutilized, and season 5 promises to capitalize on his skills by giving Will a central role in the final chapter.

Responding to fan requests, the Duffer brothers have hinted at a deeper exploration of the Upside Down’s lore. While the previous seasons maintained an air of mystery surrounding this alternate dimension, season 5 promises to codify its mythology. Fans can expect a season rich in world-building and answers to long-standing questions about the Upside Down’s origins and nature.

Stranger Things stars Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard, and Sadie Sink
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The season will incorporate time jumps, with an initial jump of one year to acknowledge the aging cast. Additionally, the casting of Linda Hamilton (Terminator) suggests another potential time jump, though details remain under wraps. The Duffers have also acknowledged the presence of “last remaining questions” that will be addressed in season 5. These lingering mysteries promise significant revelations that will shape the final chapter of the Stranger Things saga.

In conclusion, Stranger Things season 5 promises to be a thrilling and revelatory experience for fans. Will Byers’ central role, a deeper dive into the Upside Down’s lore, and answers to lingering mysteries all contribute to the anticipation surrounding this highly awaited final season?

Did Millie Bobby Brown Leave Stranger Things? 

Following their public displays of affection, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi have officially said, “I do.” News of the young couple’s marriage comes after their engagement announcement in April 2023.

While details surrounding the ceremony remain private, reports confirm that Brown and Bongiovi exchanged vows in a low-key ceremony attended by close family members. This intimate gathering reportedly serves as a prelude to a larger wedding celebration planned for later this year.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi’s relationship blossomed from a digital spark. In June 2021, rumors of a romance ignited when Bongiovi shared a selfie with the actress on Instagram. This initial social media connection reportedly evolved into a friendship before transitioning into a romantic partnership.

Millie Bobby Brown screaming as Eleven in 'Stranger Things'
Credit: Netflix

Their bond became more public later that month as they were seen holding hands while strolling through New York City. The couple solidified their status as a pair through joint red-carpet appearances, including the prestigious 2022 BAFTA Film Awards and the highly anticipated season 4 premiere of Brown’s hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.

Fans were further invested in their relationship through glimpses shared on their respective Instagram accounts.

Brown’s dedication deepened in 2023 when she referred to Bongiovi as her “partner for life” in a New Year’s message. This sentiment culminated in a proposal from Bongiovi just four months later.

Jake’s father, Jon Bon Jovi, offered his support for the young couple. While acknowledging the age difference, the 62-year-old frontman of Bon Jovi emphasized the importance of finding a compatible partner for mutual growth. He expressed his approval of Brown, stating, “Millie is wonderful,” and confirmed his son’s happiness, saying he is “very, very happy.”

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) looking at the sky in 'Stranger Things' Season 4's final scene
Credit: Netflix

“I don’t know if age matters,” he said. “If you find the right partner and you grow together … my advice really is growing together is wise. I think that all of my kids have found people that they think they can grow together with and we like them all.”

While Brown did leave set to get married, the young star is not required on set 24/7. The show is currently filming in Atlanta, Georgia, and we have already seen Millie take a hiatus from filming to go to Walt Disney World with her family, so this is not all that uncommon.

Are you looking forward to Stranger Things 5? 

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