New Project to Fill ‘Stranger Things’ Void as Netflix Cancels Expected Return

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Millie Bobby Brown in the Hawkins Lab in 'Stranger Things' Season 4

Credit: Netflix

It looks like there may be an added layer to the Upside Down that Stranger Things fans will soon get to explore.

Two characters from "Stranger Things" face each other intently in a clinical room with a rainbow-striped wall behind them; one in a blood-spattered white shirt, the other in a hospital gown
Credit: Netflix

Ever since its 2016 premiere on Netflix, Stranger Things has captivated audiences with its unique blend of science fiction, horror, and coming-of-age storytelling. The series follows the journey of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), a mysterious young girl with telekinetic abilities, who arrives in the seemingly ordinary town of Hawkins, Indiana.

There, she befriends a group of courageous kids – Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), and Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). Together, they uncover a dark secret lurking beneath the town’s surface: a terrifying alternate dimension known as the Upside Down.

Over the course of four seasons, the characters have faced unimaginable threats, grown closer as a group, and discovered their own inner strength. With each season, the stakes have grown higher, culminating in the epic battles and the return of a beloved character (David Harbour as Hopper) in Season 4. This has only intensified the anticipation surrounding the upcoming final season.

Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

A recent glimpse into the filming process offers a tantalizing hint of what’s to come. The image depicts a tense moment featuring Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) in the back of a van seemingly plastered with the logo of local radio station WSQK 94.5 FM “The Squawk.” Additionally, Joe Keery’s character Steve Harrington and Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley are shown in what appear to be backstage shots.

Plot details for Season 5 are understandably shrouded in secrecy. However, the cliffhanger ending of Season 4, with Vecna (aka One) bridging a permanent gate between the Upside Down and Hawkins, suggests a monumental confrontation unlike anything the group has faced before.

Adding to the intrigue, Eleven has regained her powers after a grueling ordeal that forced her to confront traumatic memories. This process not only restored her abilities but also bestowed upon her a brand new power – resurrection. The extent of this power and its role in Season 5 remains to be seen, particularly considering its use in seemingly bringing Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) back from the brink of death.

While hinting at the possibility of spin-offs in the future, series co-creator Ross Duffer has emphasized that Season 5 marks the conclusion of the core narrative centered around Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Hopper, and their interwoven stories. This adds a bittersweet layer to the immense excitement surrounding the final chapter of Stranger Things.

stranger things
Credit: Netflix

“This season – it’s like season one on steroids,” Ross Duffer said to The Guardian. “It’s the biggest it’s ever been in terms of scale, but it has been really fun, because everyone’s back together in Hawkins: the boys and Eleven interacting more in line with how it was in season one. And, yes, there may be spin-offs, but the story of Eleven and Dustin and Lucas and Hopper, their stories are done here.”

Now, Stranger Things fan account Stranger Things on Spain is sharing that a documentary about filming the show will be released, in addition to season 5.

These are the 2 RUMORS that have come to light today about #StrangerThings5 :

– The Stranger Things , Episode 1 Script would be exactly 100 pages long

– The Stranger Things production is reportedly filming a Behind-The-Scenes Documentary.

While an official release date for Stranger Things 5 has not yet been announced, educated guesses can be made based on past production schedules. Season 4’s production spanned approximately 20 months, filming from late September 2020 to September 2021, with post-production extending its release to May 2022. However, factors such as the pandemic’s lingering impact and the show’s potentially ambitious scope suggest a potentially longer wait for Season 5.

This documentary will be a great placeholder, whether it comes before the series ending is revealed to tame viewers anticipation, or after, to continue to give them Stranger Things content.

Taking these considerations into account, a release date in September or October 2025 might be optimistic. Forbes, citing the recent industry strike and the anticipated grandeur of the final season, proposes a more realistic target of early 2026. This represents the furthest timeframe projected for Season 5’s release to date.

The Mind Flayer in Stranger Things being created
Credit: Netflix

As mentioned, Netflix has a history of releasing major shows in multiple parts. Season 5 could follow this approach, with installments released 1-3 months apart to maximize viewer engagement. While the split in Season 4 was attributed to production delays, Netflix also utilizes this strategy to maintain viewer subscriptions and encourage continued engagement with the platform.

Beyond Stranger Things

While the highly anticipated conclusion of the Stranger Things series draws near, fans can take solace in the knowledge that the world of Hawkins, Indiana, and the enigmatic Upside Down will continue to expand through a variety of exciting spin-offs.

Stranger Things: The Animated Series promises a lighter approach, reminiscent of classic Saturday morning cartoons. The Duffer Brothers have teamed up with the acclaimed animation producer Eric Robles, known for his work on Random! Cartoons and Glitch Techs, to bring this project to life. Specific plot details are currently under wraps, but with the Duffers and Shawn Levy on board, viewers can expect an entertaining and visually stunning addition to the Stranger Things universe.

The cast of Stranger Things in a mall
Credit: Netflix

The Duffer Brothers’ newly formed production company, Upside Down Pictures, is developing a live-action spin-off series. While plot details remain tightly guarded (even from Netflix), the Duffers have hinted that this series will mark a significant departure from the original show.

It will explore an entirely new narrative, picking up after the main characters’ adventures have concluded. The Duffers even revealed that one of the young stars, Finn Wolfhard, somehow managed to guess the concept of this spinoff, adding to the intrigue. Millie Bobby Brown is confirmed to not star in the series.

For those who prefer live theater, Stranger Things: The First Shadow offers a unique opportunity to experience the world of Stranger Things from a different perspective. This stage play, currently running in London’s West End, allows audiences to immerse themselves in the Hawkins universe through a captivating theatrical experience.

The ensemble cast of Stranger Things: The First Shadow assembled in front of high school lockers
Credit: Netflix/Manuel Harlan

The Duffer Brothers, ever-prolific storytellers, have been busy planning their next moves beyond the conclusion of Stranger Things. Last year, they announced a new Netflix series titled The Buroughs, which will star Geena Davis and Richard Gere.

Similar to Stranger Things, The Buroughs will explore the supernatural realm. However, rather than focusing on children with extraordinary abilities, the series will center around the elderly inhabitants of a retirement community, with Geena Davis and Richard Gere leading the cast of retirees.

The creative minds behind Stranger Things are also developing another show for Netflix that is not necessarily set within the Stranger Things universe but shares a similar genre and thematic focus on the extraordinary. While details on this project remain scarce, it serves as another testament to the Duffer Brothers’ commitment to captivating audiences with suspenseful and imaginative storytelling.

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