Space Mountain Closed After Man Attacked Other Guests on Moving Roller Coaster

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Space Mountain at Tomorrowland in Disneyland Park at night

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Disney cast members rushed to prevent disaster after a man threw a projectile from a moving Space Mountain rocket. Witnesses said the adult guest hurled profanities at the Disneyland Resort employees after they stopped the roller coaster.

Space Mountain has been the backdrop of many Disney Park controversies in recent months. Earlier this year, a father threw his young son from the rocket onto the loading platform because he was too short to ride the Disneyland Park attraction. Cast members alerted the man that he couldn’t leave his child alone to ride a roller coaster.

Space Mountain Single Rider Line Queue - Disneyland California
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In another incident, two parents intentionally allowed their child onto Space Mountain after he had a bladder accident, leaving the seat and other parts of the ride building contaminated with urine. Considering how quickly they unload and reload the rockets, Disney cast members likely didn’t notice the biohazard until it was too late.

Last week, a Disneyland Park guest revealed that their father “nearly got kicked out” of Disneyland Park for endangering other Space Mountain riders. Redditor u/FreyaPM explained that when their family climbed into their ride vehicle, their father noticed an abandoned empty water bottle in the seat.

“Instead of holding onto it until the end of the ride, my dad thought it would be okay to just throw it out onto the ground while the ride was in motion,” they recalled.

A beautiful shot of Space Mountain located at California's Disneyland.
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A projectile on a moving roller coaster is incredibly dangerous for other guests, threatening injury if it hits someone or a mechanical malfunction if it gets stuck on the tracks or another crucial technical element. Disney cast members emergency-stopped the ride to protect everyone involved and closed it for new riders until the situation was resolved.

Instead of apologizing, the man lashed out at the Disney cast members. The guest joked that their father acted like an “entitled boomer.”

“When they stopped the ride and told him that was unacceptable, he argued with them using profanity,” they wrote. “My fiance, our children, and I are longtime APs (magic keyholders- whatever) and we have never brought my dad back.”

A white male disney Cast Member in a blue shirt smiles and waves as a Monorail passes by.
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Listen to all Disney cast members’ instructions and follow all Disney Parks safety guidelines. Never throw an object from or at a ride—Walt Disney ensured that there are trash cans every 30 feet at Disneyland Resort, so there are plenty of opportunities to dispose of waste without endangering other guests.

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