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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow leaning on a ship steering wheel

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  1. It’s about time, Johnny made the movie. Maybe I will watch since Johnny back on

    1. Marita

      I will not be purchasing a ticket if Johnny Depp is not in the starring role as Jack Sparrow. Nor will I ever purchase through Prime or any other venue if he’s is not in the starring role of Jack Sparrow. The cast is great but lose Johnny Depp and lose your fan base who has been to the theater to see each one of these movies and who continue to watch through other venues.

      1. I’m glad Mr Depp is working on himself, his health, his ideas and acclmplishments. He deserves the best since his life has been run thru the ringer the last few years! Its a new start for him. I wish him the best. I hope he makes time for Christ in his life. Working on bettering himself is a great new start!

    2. Strawberry0676

      Did u actually read the whole article?? Just asking.

  2. I’m glad Johnny Depp is returning to the franchise. I just hope the sixth film will b reconsidered into a mere sequel & pick up where the fifth film left off with the main actor, Johnny Depp reprising his lead role of Captain Jack Sparrow. Its been ridiculous, how long it has taken since the last installment with so many excuses for delay. I hope it will be made soon.

  3. IT is totally up to Mr. Depp. Whatever he is happiest with, I will support him.

    1. Jen

      My sentiment exactly. I have enjoyed watching his various roles, but he has to live his life in the way that he knows is best for him.

      1. Tammy Shinabery

        I’m sure whatever Johnny Depps final decision will be what is right for him ! Of course all his fans see only him as Captain Jack Sparrow , and he will always be , and I’m sure he will make his own final decision on what will make him happiest and that will be his correct decision for him !!!

  4. Laura laura

    I will not watch the pirates 6 movie if Johnny Depp is not the lead, it’s just not the same movie without him 😭

  5. Phyllis Gill

    If Johnny Depp is not in the lead role I will not be watching it or anything Disney!! Really do not like Disney anymore! They have changed and not for the better!

    1. Victoria Quinteros-Bunnag

      As I’ve said before, without Johnny Depp in the lead role as Jack Sparrow, it would be terrible decision for Disney. I’m not very fond of Disney movies and this has been for a long time. I’m disabled and retired and can not even afford a ticket to Disneyland. I don’t feel Disney Magic in my life in my Senior years. Pirates of the Caribbean, needs be fresh and new with Johnny in the lead.

  6. No Depp in leading role. No watching any disney movie ever again.

  7. Vic

    There are alot of people just sitting back waiting to see if jack Sparrow is lead actor in the pirate 6 movie if not that movie will bust were just watching. If it’s a cameo only forget that we love you jack Sparrow and we’ll stand behind you.

  8. Anna

    I have watched every pirates movie till now. I will not watch six without Johnny in the lead role of Jack Sparrow.

  9. Kevin Hemmingway

    I won’t watch the movie if Johnny Depp doesn’t play Capt Jack Sparrow. Come on Disney and get your act together. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow

    1. Why have part 6 movie? It should end at 5. No more b.s. and probably less stress on Johnny, he can continue his new endeavors and be happy.

  10. I am so sick and tired of it Disney why dont you just frigging admit it!!!!! You lost!!!! Johnny Depp is jack sparrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Get that through your stupid heads or i swear to God!!!!! You will live to see the day that should not have turned your backs on him do you hear me Disney?!?!?!?! Do you honestly believe that a Haitian female is going to be cut out for the role because none of Johnny’s loyal fanbase does That’s for sure and with good reason!!!! You know what you just go ahead with the reboot and i hope to God it flops at the box office double quick because there is no way in heck it’s in keeping with the spirit of the previous films you wanna know why Disney? I’ll tell you why because my boy Johnny Depp is in the lead as jack sparrow in them That’s why!!!!!!!!!! Hell he is jack sparrow why is that hard for you people to comprehend?!??!?! After all the money he made for you Disney and now this fiasco monstrosity of something that which you actually think is going to turn out good which im hoping it won’t surely not with all of us loyal Johnny Depp fans out there oh and btw if he only has a cameo in pirates 6 That’s just as bad as not being in the film at all or supporting role for that matter!! So to sum up he comes back as jack sparrow or no movie!!!!! Remember that.

  11. Bozo

    Disney pondering what makes the Pirates franchise work (Johnny Depp) no duh. Then thinking about ways to sink the franchise by minimizing the key ingredient.

  12. Andean Gem

    Camio roll, ya think! Bottom line, Pirates of the Caribbean is Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp is POTC!!! You don’t get my money if Mr Depp isn’t in the whole movie.

  13. Donna Taylor

    I myself simply cannot see enjoying this movie the 6th pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp in the main role. He is what made the whole entire franchise

  14. If this is what he wants? Well great for him!!!!

  15. With Depp in the lead yes I’ll see and support. It’s great news about his health and state of mind. Love his acti g and his values. Go Johnny. Just another of your many devote fans.

  16. Monika

    Of course it isup to Johnny Depp, whatever he decides, I can’t imagine Pirates of the Caribbean without him,he made this franchise and only him. I cannot see any other actor portraying Jack Sparrow like he did it just would not be be Jack ,just another Pirate.

  17. With Depp in the lead yes I’ll see and support. It’s great news about his health and state of mind. Love his acting and his values. Go Johnny. Just another of your many devoted fans.

  18. Monika

    Love you Johnny ,happy that you finally found peace. You are a great actor and human being you have always entertained us well .Happy to see you back.

  19. Margie

    If Johnny Depp is not in the lead role as Jack Sparrow then I won’t watch no more Disney because it ain’t worth it if you can’t put a damn good actor in where he belong you ain’t worth watching.

  20. John Kramer

    I think Johnny should take the starring role. It’s not Pirates of the Caribbean without the story being lead by Captain Jack Sparrow.

  21. I think Johnny should take the starring role. It’s not Pirates of the Caribbean without the story being lead by Captain Jack Sparrow.

  22. Sandra VanCleve

    Pirate’s would not be the same without Johnny playing the lead. The fans and relatives of Johnny would most likely not bother to see it. Johnny is Jack Sparrow.

  23. Jeremy Wilson

    If J D isn’t in the lead role I’m not watching it. It’s as simple as that. That’s like making a new bad boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence doing a cameo🤪 That’s just STUPID. Me and my family will stay home.

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