Multiple Pieces of Disneyland Attraction Fall From Sky, Crash Near Theme Park Guests

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The Disney theme parks are the sight of a recent crash.

Two adults sat in Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris.
Credit: Disney

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From thrilling and immersive attractions to world-class food and entertainment, the Disney theme parks are famous for a lot of different things. Walt Disney Imagineering has developed and created some of the world’s most memorable and iconic amusement park experiences, which, of course, extend to parades and nighttime shows.

Unfortunately, as Disney continues to explore the world of drone technology, some issues are starting to arise, with several pieces of equipment falling from the sky.

Cast Members watching the Happily Ever After preview
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Each of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World features stunning nighttime events. From Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, guests can expect to find an incredible nighttime spectacular that acts as the perfect end to a magical day at Disney. These shows extend to Disneyland in California, as well as the international Disney theme parks.

The Disneyland Paris Resort has implemented drone technology into its nighttime spectacular over the last year, giving fans and Guests an incredible experience. Guests have been able to watch Marvel-themed shows as well as Disney D-Light, which was the first show to utilize drones at the Resort.

This stunning show featured 200 drones that illuminated the night sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle. However, not everything is magical 100% of the time, even at the Disney theme parks, with multiple pieces of equipment crashing.

Disneyland Paris castle with drones during Disney D-light nighttime spectacular
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Recent reports reveal that at least two drones are missing after falling from the sky and crashing during these performances. Twitter user @DennisvanTiel shared photos of the drones.

Live from Dumbo: it looks like the Electrical Sky Parade is missing 2 drones.

The two drones landed near Dumbo the Flying Elephant, a classic Disney theme park attraction. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported, as the two drones simply landed on the faux carnival tents. This is not the first time drones have crashed at Disneyland Paris, with a similar incident occurring last summer.

The Disneyland Paris resort began using drone technology within its theme park shows last year, providing several jaw-dropping spectaculars for guests to watch.

What’s your favorite nighttime show to watch at the Disney theme parks? 

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