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Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) lifting hood off his head

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  1. Critical_Eye

    Great article.

    I am looking forward to all of these new Star Wars movies. However, In my opinion, I don’t think the Dawn of the Jedi will see the light of day.

    Just my opinion.

    The reason why I say this, is because it’s all about the timing of announcements.

    Benioff & Weiss were interviewed about their 3 Body Problem series. During the interview, they mentioned that they were disappointed about Disney, not wanting to do their Jedi Star wars films.

    Benioff & Weiss said that it is Disney’s IP and they can do what they want with it.

    It’s possible some of the Disney executives, took that as a sleight.

    Shortly thereafter, Disney announced that they are going forward with the Dawn of the Jedi movie, that is exactly like the movie that Benioff & Weiss pitched. But, will be directed by James Mangold.

    To me, that seems like a response, to Benioff & Weiss recent comments.

    If that is the case, more than likely, this movie will not get off of the ground. It sounds to me, that it’s more to do with revenge, than it does with making a great product. Because if it is about making a great product, Disney would allow for Benioff & Weiss, to finish what they started with this Jedi movie.

    It’s also possible that Disney decided to put that out there, to reassure their shareholders, that they have things under control and are working on great things.

    Again. I don’t think the Dawn of the Jedi movie, directed by James Mangold, will see the light of day. Especially, if Benioff & Weiss are not involved in it.

    However, this was a great article.

  2. brenya

    They should give people at least some of the things they want in any new films. It can’t always be that Rey never gets what she wants. I pretty much gave up on watching any more of these movies after they killed off Ben. There must be some happy ending every once in a while that takes our breath away.

    Also, a lot of the post GENX world came to know Mark Hamill from his amazing work as the voice of the Joker on the Batman Animated Series and the Arkham games. Many would argue he is one of the best Jokers of all time.

    1. Steph

      You’re not a Star Wars fan if you actually liked Kyle Ron, the mule face boy. Nothing but a Rayblow go away.

      1. Shane Judd

        I think that’s a bit harsh to say “your not a fan”. People can be fans and like different aspects of a movie.

  3. Kellye Montgomery

    I grew up with the original trilogy and no one can replace Mark Hamill. I never really liked the character Rey or the sequels. I only watched them because they had the original characters. I think killing off Ben, who is actually the REAL last living Skywalker, was a huge mistake. And making Rey a Skywalker is completely ridiculous. I personally will not be watching any future Star Wars movies with her as ” the new Luke Skywalker ” because her character will never hold up against him. Return of the Jedi actually had a perfect ending with everyone relatively happy.

  4. Mr. Football

    Looking forward to the new jedi order- hopefully the new vilian will be more powerful than the sith and something new as well. Would like to see a Luke Force Ghost to continue to give Rey guidance and direction like Obi-Wan did

  5. Mr. Football

    Hopefully the next villian in the new jedi order will be more powerful than the sith that have been lurking in the shadows since The Rise of Skywalker. Also would like to see Luke be a force ghost like Obi-Wan to give Rey more guidance and direction on rebuilding the jedi order

  6. Joshua

    I think keep
    Luke skywalker even if he force ghost or hologram of mark hamill

  7. Bewe

    D****y destroyed the Star Wars Cult..produced new trilogy n new character to change the original characters(SUCK BADLY)..NOW…wanna making a new jedi movie by replacing the Greatest Jedi Master ever lived..?..c’mon..i’ll bet they confused in what timeline they choose to made..

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