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Johnny Depp smirking as Captain Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Credit: Disney


  1. John alvestad

    Of course, because it would be johnny adding his creativity to any character new or previous one, but again no one would want to see anyone else portray his character but Only by him as its his creativity and ways that make the movie worth watching.

    1. D Thompson

      I am so pleased , Disney jumped to quickly and dropped him. I am die hard fan. He is an incredible actor 👏

      1. Barbara

        Yes I would watch a movie with him in it. Love his work .

  2. Sheila Smith

    Most definitely! I wish Disney would get him back as Captain Jack, there is no Captain Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean would be boring without the character. They are punishing him for accusations, he was not proven to have done anything and his fans still respect him and want to see him on screen.

    1. Debra

      Yes. Johnny Depp digs deep in every role taken. I’m open for Disney’s Jack Sparrow character to be given to another actor. Or, the character could be Jack’s hi wife, friend, or, relative. But, I would definitely miss Johnny.

    2. Carol Emmendorfer

      I concur! We love you Johnny.

  3. Definitely! All of his fans would love to see him as Captain Jack Sparrow

  4. Hope

    It’s not the same without him. He is a great actor

  5. DaveC

    Disney realized that they need Johnny Depp more than he needs them. There is only ONE Capt Jack Sparrow. Disney also needs to put Capt Jack Sparrow back inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

    Disney should be forced to pay Depp tens of millions in reparations for sacrificing him on the alter of political correctness, before he even considers returning to the role that HE made famous.

    1. D Thompson

      I definitely agree, Amber allegations was totally false and made up. I watched the trial and obviously she and her deadbeat friends lied.

    2. Shelley

      I completely agree!

  6. Larry

    I agree with the above comments.. I would not see the next Pirates movie without Depp as Captain Jack. He is fantastic!!!!@

  7. Helen

    I Love Johnny Depp in anything he does. Johnny you have my full support. I agree with everyone above!!

    1. SHERRIE

      I would totally watch any movie with johhny in it he is an awesome actor, there is only one jack sparrow and that’s johnny depp!! Love you!!! !

  8. Paula

    I’ve been done and over with sicko Disney for quite awhile . Don’t watch or buy merch for anyone . Sorry. they came after our kids actually ALL of us and it’s unforgivable!! I hope every park closes and every studio too 🤨

    1. She

      Same in our family. Disney went woke and disenfranchised families. Apologize, go back to Walt’s model and put teeth in it. Then we will see.

  9. Evelyn Bare

    No Depp, No Pirates.
    I won’t support ANY Disney, or Disney branch product unless or until they publicly apologize to Mr. Depp.

    1. Tammy Smith

      I would love to see Johnny back in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but that is his choice. Also if he was to go back Disney should publicly apologize and pay him lots!!!! Because they made him out to be guilty before the trials were even done. He made the movies BIG, without him they will be nothing. And yes I would watch anything Johnny is in, he is so controversial, and puts his all into his acting!!!

    2. D Thompson

      I agree

  10. Kathryn Shepard

    Without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow there is no POTC. Disney did Johnny Depp dirty by dropping him the way they did during that farce of a trial which He Won!! Disney ows Johnny a HUGE public appology! Wake up Disney and get your act together! Bring Johnny Depp back as Capt’n Jack Sparrow in the leading role, not a supporting role. Johnny Depp made bank $ for you in all 5 movies. Put him as the lead in POTC 6 to save your company from the financial ruin you seem to be facing now.

  11. Absolutely!!!!

  12. Cindy

    Johnny Depp is the only reason I loved pirates of the Caribbean. The other actors were right on too. But it is Johnny that makes or brakes it. No Johnny. Then I won’t go see them. Put him back in and I’ll see if numerous times. He is an amazing human. It’s all about him more that the movie. Only the foolish wouldn’t know that. Disney is Disney but Johnny is Johnny. He makes it worth watching no matter what movie he is. He glues his audience right to his ever move and word

  13. Rosanna

    I would definitely enjoy seeing Johnny Depp as a pirate ☠️ in another film. He was excellent as Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney should be ashamed of how unfairly he was treated! He was the reason Pirates of the Caribbean was a money-making success. There is a
    ‘Change in the wind’ for Disney. And it won’t be a pleasant breeze!

  14. Yes I would watch pirates only if Mr Depp is in the movie he is the only reason I watch them to this day, he made Captain Jack Sparrow fun to watch no Mr Depp I will not watch ,he gives the character life he has something special no one can play Captain Jack Sparrow as good as he is

  15. Betty

    As a huge POTC films, I will only see the subsequent of the star Johnny Depp! He made the movies and their success is because of him. If @DisneyStudios are smart, they will do everything in their power to bring Depp back! Without him they will be a total failure! #NoJohnnyNoPirates

  16. Snicklefritz

    I would definitely watch any movie with Mr. Depp. Why condemn him when he was found innocent. Also, you’ve got a guy who is running for President of the U.S., and he’s proven to be a rapist,degrading human being, and some people LOVE him still!! ( notice I said “some”)? No Depp, no Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

  17. Emily

    Johnny Depp is the heart of Pirates of the Caribbean. Without him it’s dead .

  18. Doug

    I thought I was the first to express the idea for Johnny Depp to be a pirate in another series. Maybe his character, under a different character name, could be a pirate against the Spanish Armada etc. It wouldn’t matter to me what name he had, he’d still be the character we have all fell in love with, whether in the Caribbean or Atlantic.

  19. David McCallister

    Yes because Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow, anyone else wouldn’t be the same.

  20. GH

    There is no Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp. I’m not sure I’d like to see his as a different pirate because I’d be comparing the two. On a side note, the feminist movement that wrote an open letter to write him off, where are you when biological men invade women’s sports or Jewish women are raped and murdered in Israel? Such hypocrisy!

  21. Wes Lehman

    Depp is as woke as any of them at Disney. The woke crowd is just turning on each other now. Returning to Disney wholesome family movies is what is needed. Do you recall Depp was found liable in the UK. He and Hurd are two drug addicts who deserve each other.

  22. Rose

    Yes I would. Johnny Depp will forever be Captain Jack Sparrow! No one can replace him. He’s an excellent actor and what happened to him wasn’t right. Disney needs to make this right!

  23. Shelley

    I would absolutely get behind Jonny doing this movie! He’s done several Indy movies and I know he would be just as amazing in this one! Jonny Depp with forever be THE standard for the Captain Jack character, just like, in my opinion, Heath Ledger set the standard for The Joker, and Christian Bale with The Batman. Certain characters just seem built for certain actors. I’ve been A JD fan since the beginning, and see no reason to stop being loyal now.

  24. David M

    So true that JD is the Captain and being cast as the main character in Pirates of the Caribbean.
    As per his personal character, he married the wrong woman! She had other physical assaults’ on other individuals, but JD had not, and maybe drank too much, but wasn’t violent. He most likely had to defend himself from her abuse.
    YES most comments above are positive. The few that do not like Disney, should not being even reading inside the magic, or even bothering to post!!! Go figure, if you do not like Disney, why read the article? Leave alone take the time to comment!!!

  25. David

    Yes, I would watch the Movie with Depp as the captain

  26. No Johnny Depp No Movie

    1. Corinne

      I would watch this and any other role of Johnny Depps. He is a wonderful actor regardless of what role he chooses to play.

  27. Shelley Stapleton

    It seems that a lot of people have missed the true statement made in this article.which is would you watch Johnny Depp in a pirate role that is not POTC.

    I personally would watch Mr. Depp in any role. I have not seen him fail in any role he has taken on. He excels in any role he does.

    As for Disney….I do not understand what their legal team thinks they are going to do about him being another pirate in a film. They have given up any rights to have any say in anything Mr. Depp should chose to do. The only rights they may have would be for Captain Jack Sparrow. And it seems they are determined to test their theory that POTC can continue without Johnny Depp. It is a shame really. They don’t seem to realize that they are alienating millions of consumers of their products. Unfortunately for them, they will understand the depth of the devotion of Johnny Depp supporters when their movie flops, and their products and theme parks begin to feel the financial pinch.

    Get smart Disney, and do whatever it takes to get Mr. Depp to come back as Jack Sparrow. And Mr. Depp, please get over your very well justified anger with Disney and swallow a.bit of pride and consider that you might want to complete the project and legacy that you have created. Maybe consider that your truly devoted fans that have and will continue to stand by you and support you no matter what you chose to do have a spot in your heart and you will do it for them if for no other reason.


    A devoted fan

  28. Corinne

    Yes, I would watch another role with Johnny Depp playing a pirate. Johnny Depp is one of the finest actors out there. I watch anything I can that he acts in

  29. Lyn

    Just bring him back
    Jack is Johnny. Enough time has gone by…
    Time to think of your audiences instead of who’s got one up in the power play. The public wants to see Johnny as Jack Sparrow and the outcome will be much $$$$ for all … bury your pride

  30. im jack sparrow now johnny depp but dont worry im will be you after you turned 60 last year and soon 61 year old

  31. Candy

    I’ll watch Johnny in anything he is in. I will not watch pirates of Caribbean without Mr. Depp. He is Captain Jack Sparrow.

  32. Ervin Crawford

    Uhh… #FearAndLoathingInLasVegas
    #NighmareonElmStreet(OG edition yes the first with England had him in it)

    Just to name a few….. The answer is Duh of course I would! Johnny is awesome especially in that one movie he played in with Keanu Reeves called #SunsetStrip
    I do believe that both should do a comedy like movie together who knows rope him into the next big role starring alongside him for the NEW POTC timeline projects instead of horrid actor Bloom, sorry bruh not a big fan of yours nothing personal I just can’t get behind any character you’ve done besides Legolas. That would be something I’d pay to see, especially since Reeves hasn’t done a ‘pirate’ type of movie. I think it would be very fun and entertaining to see them link up after all these years. Last time if I remember correctly they started in that movie mentioned above when they were in either 19 – 25 year old ballpark. So it’d definitely be worth it to see them together if it does happen!!!!

    1. Ervin Crawford

      Robert Englunds first rendition of Elm Street.

  33. Melissa Schweitzer

    I’d watch Johnny Depp in ANYTHING he’s a part of!

  34. I don’t pay attention to what goes on in the courts, every one has problems. I would definitely watch anything Johnny Depp does. He just seems to melt into the part. He becomes that person. I could never accept anyone else as Captain Jack Sparrow. No one could live up to his acting capabilities.

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