Jimmy Fallon Shut down at Universal Studios Amid Production Conflict

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Credit: NBC Universal

Popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon was shut down in Orlando over the weekend.

Credit: NBC Universal

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The Universal Orlando Resort is home to dozens of beloved theme park experiences, ranging from thrilling roller coasters to immersive dark rides. The theme park has continued to be one of the world’s most popular and successful vacation destinations, successfully competing against the Walt Disney World Resort, which rests just a few miles away.

A major factor in Universal’s continued success is its selection of rides and attractions, some of which are considered to be the best in the world. Attractions like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and Jurassic World VelociCoaster have been incredibly successful for Universal, with Epic Universe set to expand this collection even further in 2025.

However, just like Disneyland or Walt Disney World, not every ride is popular or beloved, with Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon being a great example.

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Credit: Universal

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Jimmy Fallon has quite an interesting relationship with the Universal Studios brand of theme parks, being the face of several experiences across both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood Resorts. Fallon has his very own ride in Florida where guests race through New York, flying by all kinds of iconic landmarks like the East River and midtown Manhattan.

“Face Jimmy Fallon and all your favorite characters from NBC’s “The Tonight Show” in a fun-filled race through, below and above New York City,” states Universal on its official website. “Board the unique “flying theater” and you’ll speed through the busy streets of midtown Manhattan, soar over skyscrapers, even dive into the East River as you hurtle neck and neck towards the finish line.”

Unfortunately, guests hoping to experience this ride were out of luck. The entire attraction was shut down and blocked off for a mysterious reason over the weekend. A post gained traction inside the Universal Orlando Resort community on Reddit, with one guest snapping a photo of the entire Jimmy Fallon area being blocked off.

Jimmy Fallon Area Filming Closure
byu/acg0813 inUniversalOrlando

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“Anybody know what was going on with the ride and surrounding area being closed today,” asked the guest. “Team members were only allowed to say that it was “for social media” but it was a pretty big production!!”

Several guests reported seeing Jimmy Fallon himself, and while the project remains a mystery, it’s always incredibly cool to spot a celebrity inside a theme park.

As stated earlier, Jimmy Fallon’s ride is pretty unpopular within the Universal theme park community, mostly because it replaced a fan-favorite ride based on Twister (1996). This attraction was originally called Twister… Ride it Out and gave audiences an up-close look at the power of tornadoes, complete with a high-tech set and tons of moving parts.

Race Through New York is also controversial due to its reliance on screens. Universal features many screen-based rides, such as The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Transformers: The Ride 3D, and Skull Island: Reign of Kong, to name a few, with guests growing increasingly accustomed to the technology. As a result, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is one of the least popular rides at Universal.

Do you enjoy this attraction? What’s your favorite ride at the Universal Orlando Resort?

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