Disney’s Magical Express Was Taken Away Out of ‘Stinginess’

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Magical Express Bus pulling up at the resort

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Buried deep in Jenny Nicholson’s four-hour dive into the failure of Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser, the failed Star Wars hotel, was a small part that most people might have overlooked. Beyond just looking at the spectacular failure of one of Disney’s most hyped hotels, Nicholson also looked at how Disney has a history of being cheap at the exact time it shouldn’t be. 

Nicholson’s prime examples of Walt Disney World pinching every penny from guests were some of the new charges instituted by former Disney CEO Bob Chapek after Disney World reopened after COVID. 

Among the “money-saving” policies Chapek instituted included charging for parking at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels and temporarily removing the Disney Dining Plan. Chapek was also the CEO when Disney World removed the free, fast pass system and replaced it with Disney Genie Plus. Even though he was the CEO when it happened, current Disney CEO Bob Iger should share some of the blame for that. 

But with all that said, most guests will say that Chapek’s biggest mistake was getting rid of the Disney Magical Express. 

Magical Express sign
Credit: Disney

In her video, Jenny Nicholson said the only reason Disney removed the free service was “stinginess,” most fans who commented on the post agreed with her assessment. 

For those who don’t remember, the Magical Express was a thing of beauty. After guests got off their plane at Orlando International Airport, they would head down to the basement, where a cast member greeted them. 

Guests hop on a bus, and a short ride later, they arrive at their Walt Disney World hotel. A short time later, their luggage magically arrives at their room without them ever having to wait at the airport for it. The price for this service is free. 

One comment read: 

Of all the moves this one makes no sense to me. They picked up tourists at the airport and didn’t let them off until they are on Disney property with no way to leave. Guaranteed every penny spent on that holiday was spent at Disney.

Despite all the love for Disney’s Magical Express, the free service does not appear to be returning anytime soon. Mears Connect has taken over for the Magical Express, and Iger has never expressed an interest in bringing it back since his return as CEO.

Every comment on X (formerly Twitter) seemed to agree that taking away the Magical Express was purely about money and Disney trying to squeeze every penny out of guests. But Disney also hoped that the Brighline train would be up and running to the parks by now, and it’s not ready. 

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However, with Universal Orlando Resort still running a shuttle from the airport and guests more likely to head to Epic Universe in 2025, Disney should consider bringing back the Magical Express to keep guests on the property. Guests would even pay a price for this service. 

Despite that, Disney has shown no indication of bringing it back. So, as Jenny Nicholson said, chalk up this spectacular failure to Disney’s ‘stinginess.”

What would you do to get the Magical Express back?  

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